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Dean of Students Office

About The Training Institute

The Dean of Students Office is dedicated to educating its campus community. Our office strives to provide the students, faculty, and staff of the University of North Florida educational opportunities to better understand an individual’s responsibility to themselves and to their community.

The Training Institute has been created as a place for individuals to dive into difficult dialogues with our Talking Series, to learn more about tough topics with our Spotlight Series, and to attend or participate in educational trainings with our Development and Education.

Why did we create the Training Institute?

After receiving feedback from various campus partners, it was clear that our Office needed to offer different ways for the campus community to learn more about topics that might be more uncomfortable for people to talk about. Topics such as healthy relationships, difficult conversations, mental health, and conflict resolution are subjects that our Office sees and deals with on an almost daily basis. These focus areas were coming through our Office and we needed to figure out a way to talk about these issues. Our goal with the Training Institute and all that it encompasses is to educate the campus community and even the Jacksonville community on difficult topics.

We are always looking for individuals and/or departments to partner with on these subjects and presentations, so if you are interested in hosting a training, participating in a training, or being included in a training, please reach out to our Office. 

Talking Series

Our monthly Talking Series is a series of events where we discuss difficult topics and current events issues such as Civil Discourse, Conflict Resolution, Healthy Relationships, and more. The main goal of our Talking Series is to provide the University of North Florida community with opportunities to learn more about issues that our office sees on a weekly basis. When hosting our Talking Series, we also strive to partner with other university departments around campus or outside community members to get everyone involved in these important discussions.

 This Month's Event

Development & Education

 In an effort to engage all members of the office, our administrative staff put together a Developmental and Educational piece to our biweekly Team meetings. The goal of our TIDE Series is to practice professional development within our office. We chose to have an educational piece to offer each office member a chance to share their experiences from Conferences attended or share their knowledge on other trainings they have attended. 

Spotlight Series

A blog focused on learning and reflection directly related to topics frequently seen in the Dean of Students Office. The blog is open for all members of the UNF community to learn about different student care and conduct topics as well as other college/university-based issues. The main goal for this Series is to engage the members of the office in critical thinking to further their knowledge, and to capture the attention of the UNF community with other various topics that relate to the college-age student. 

This Month's Post