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Careers in Transportation and Logistics

The UNF Transportation and Logistics Flagship Program offers a unique and rewarding undergraduate degree program that prepares students for exciting, diverse and challenging careers in supply chain management, international logistics, transportation, materials management, and physical distribution. Graduates have accepted positions with well-known regional firms as well as with major corporations across the country. Transportation and logistics companies and organizations provide a dedicated $44,000 in scholarship opportunities for our T&L majors.

Every company has some aspect of logistics within it. We handle everything from procurement to delivery, and all the steps in between. Due to the rapid increase in international trade, firms require supply chain and logistics-based solutions to operate efficiently. This need has accelerated the demand for logistics professionals who possess the knowledge and skills needed to manage sophisticated systems within the supply chain. 75% of graduates from the T&L program receive job offers in their field.

The profession offers excellent salaries and provides advancement opportunities both in the United States and internationally.

Coggin Career Management Center

The Coggin College of Business Career Management Center offers specialized services to help students prepare for a successful career path and offers an online management system for job listings through Handshake, a robust online portal for students, alumni and recruiters.


The UNF Transportation and Logistics Flagship Program offers internship opportunities to provide students with first-hand experience and the ability to apply educational concepts to problems and issues confronting organizations doing business in transportation, logistics and supply chain management. The requirements for semester long internships for academic credit are in the T&L Internship Handbook. Internships for academic credit are not required in the T&L program of study; however, most students obtain part-time internships without receiving academic credit in order to gain practical experience before graduation. Students who are looking for internships and full-time positions are encouraged to attend the T&L Career Day and Employer Expo in February and October.

Positions available to graduates with a Bachelor's degree in Transportation & Logistics
Manager Analyst Other
Customer Service Distribution Planning Consulting
Distribution Center Management Import/Export Logistics Engineer
International Logistics Marketing Logistics Services Salesperson
Inventory Control Materials Military Logistics
Logistics Production Planning & Scheduling
Logistics Software Purchasing
Materials Management Quality
Operations Management Supply Chain
Quality Manager
Supply Chain
Systems Support
Vendor Managed Inventory Coordination
Warehouse Operations