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Coggin College of Business

Strategic People Management

Human Resources has a seat at the executive table, no longer just a supporting player, especially in the face of recent challenges in workforce management in today’s Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous (VUCA) world. This program will empower you to embrace a more strategic mindset, hone your effective decision-making skills, and help you take your organization to the next level. 

Each of the four topics covered includes a mix of thought-provoking, interactive modules where you will explore contemporary case studies, noteworthy research, and applicable best practices. You will discover how to apply the latest concepts in performance management and people analytics to help your organization achieve a competitive advantage in your industry. 

Program Details

Date: Offered on Demand
Format: In Person, or Live Online

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Key Benefits

By attending this program, you will be able to:

  • Align human capital strategies with business strategies
  • Cultivate employee engagement and commitment to the organization’s goals
  • Enhance your value as a member of your senior management team 
  • Engage with industry peers and build your professional network
  • Earn digital credentials
  • Qualify for the CGEP Partnership Program

Topics can be taken individually or collectively as part of the Strategic People Management Program.    

Who Should Attend

  • Senior Executives and leaders who realize the importance of HR to business success
  • Business unit heads that crossover into human performance management
  • Particularly appropriate for: Human resource directors, practitioners, leaders of change programs, chief learning officers


New Rules of Engagement

The pandemic has brought accelerated change to companies, their people, and their environments. Close on the horizon looms ever greater changes and uncertainties. One of the most pressing issues for organizations entering increasingly uncertain times, is the robust transformation, engagement, and retention of talent.

  • Strengthen interpersonal and organizational connections across the workforce
  • Mitigate new sources of talent burnout, disengagement, and de-commitment
  • Build transformation capability into organizational culture

Offered on Demand

Format: In Person, or Live Online 

Achieving Breakthrough Results

Accountability and ownership entails taking initiative and responsibility for an outcome. In an organization, ownership and accountability build trust, creating stronger, more resilient, and high performing teams. For an individual, taking ownership of your work generates a sense of pride, engagement, and empowerment.

  • Share insights for leaders regarding accountability and ownership
  • Discover best practices for disseminating information and communicating effectively in teams
  • Align plans and activities with goals to demonstrate the "why" and "what" to all team members

Offered on Demand

Format: In Person, or Live Online

People Analytics

Covers the basic statistical and analytical approaches to people management, and how companies can use data from surveys to develop actionable insights that change the way they manage the workforce. It showcases how to use statistical frameworks to improve HR decisions, enhance talent and ultimately create business value.

  • Understand the value and genesis of “good” data 
  • Learn techniques of data representation, description, and visualization
  • Learn tools that can be used for data driven decision-making and prediction

Offered on Demand

Format: In Person, or Live Online 

Leading a Culture of Innovation

The ability to generate useful business ideas is critical to the future of all organizations, as made evident during COVID-19. HR leaders need to lead the creation of an innovative culture within their organization and empower employees to sustain it, to best contribute to their organization's mission and goals.

  • Develop the basic skill set to generate ideas to solve common organizational problems
  • Create the behaviors that foster innovation in your organization
  • Acquire techniques to effectively lead innovators

Offered on Demand

Format: In Person, or Live Online