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Coggin College of Business

Executive Presence

Join us for a small group, interactive workshop on Executive Presence. Whether you’re leading a team meeting, or giving a presentation, executive presence is a vital skill in business and life. Your gravitas and ability to communicate effectively can make the difference in achieving your goals. Executive presence isn’t something you’re necessarily born with, but you can develop it. 
This workshop will cover fundamental concepts, outline pitfalls to avoid and strategies to get ahead, and include exercises to develop executive presence that you can implement in your next presentation or meeting.

Workshop Details 

Date: Spring and Fall 2024
Location: Downtown Jacksonville
Meals: Lunch

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A study by the Center of Talent Innovation found that executive presence accounts for 26% of what it takes for a leader to get promoted.
67% of senior leaders believe gravitas is the most important quality of executive presence, Coqual found.
According to Sally Williamson & Associates, 98% of leaders must develop executive presence—they weren’t born with it.


I highly recommend attending this. You get a lot of awesome feedback. I crafted a lot of my professional goals around what I learned in this workshop. -VP, Banking


Dave Reed, an Instructor of Leadership and Management, specializes in organizational excellence within high-profile services. His diverse career spans roles at major organizations such as Marriott International, A&M Records, ESPN, and The Jim Henson Company, alongside entrepreneurial ventures including a production company co-founded with Kiefer Sutherland and a marketing firm based in Jacksonville.

Dave has also held a position as a JAX Chamber Trustee, serves as a Senior Member of the American Society for Quality, and was recognized as a "Top 50 Business Influencer in North Florida" by Advantage Business Magazine. In addition to teaching leadership courses at the University of North Florida, he is pursuing a Doctorate of Business Administration at the University of Florida.

Who Should Attend

  • Current and Aspiring Leaders: Ideal for executives, managers, and potential future leaders who aim to command respect, influence others, and drive results.
  • High-Potential Employees: Recommended for employees identified by their organizations as high-potential talent.
  • Professionals Seeking Career Advancement: Suitable for any professional striving to climb the corporate ladder or improve their interpersonal skills and self-confidence.