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Coggin College of Business

Executive Briefcase

The distinction between an executive and a manager starts first and foremost with a mental frame. It also involves building a skillset that gives you a unique competitive edge. An executive brings contextual intelligence and holistic thinking to leadership and creating solutions. Building a versatile toolkit of soft and hard skills can elevate your executive presence. The Executive Briefcase equips you with skills that may be the missing links between merit and success in being an executive. 
Conveying data in an insightful and impactful manner, giving and receiving feedback, exerting executive influence and persuasion, and communicating your vision with gravitas are all topics covered in this program.  This program will help you develop those capabilities and improve your competitive position, within and outside your organization. Each of the four topics covered provide actionable know-how on different facets of executive competencies.

Program Details

Dates: Spring  and Fall 2024
Location: In Person


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Key Benefits 

By attending this program, you will be able to:

  • Cultivate personal versatility skills
  • Build contextual intelligence
  • Gain competency in qualitative and quantitative areas
  • Earn digital credentials from Credly

Who Should Attend  

  • Senior executives and leaders with management responsibilities.
  • Particularly appropriate for: Chief executive officers, chief operating officers, chief administrative officers, chief accounting officers, chief financial officers, senior vice presidents, general managers, senior human resource professionals, and divisional directors or leaders


I’ve been in executive roles for 15 years and it was not only a great refresher, but I learned some lessons that would have saved me some grief if I had taken this class sooner. 
The entire Executive Briefcase was run extremely well. It is obvious that the UNF team put a lot of effort into it, both in terms of administrative/ logistics of the program and in substance of the seminars. 


Executive Influence

Influence and persuasion are essential to success in our professional lives. An ethical application of persuasive skills may help you influence clients, business partners, and employees to accomplish your goals. Discover techniques that make some messages more influential than others. Through interactive exercises, you can develop your ability to influence and motivate others to align with your vision.


Format: In Person

Storytelling with Data

Learn professional and practical skills to develop, design, and deliver high-quality logical communications grounded in quantitative data. Explore ways in which visual tools such as graphs, charts, and diagrams can be used in data storytelling to highlight your insights in a way that spreadsheets and dashboard cannot. Practice and receive detailed feedback from the instructor and classmates.


FormatIn Person

Giving and Receiving Feedback

Successful executives excel at providing and receiving actionable feedback to iteratively move towards their goals. Evaluate your leadership style and how you give and receive feedback. Understand and leverage your leadership strengths to become more self-aware of how you are perceived by others, and how you can best communicate to others. 


FormatIn Person

Communicating with Impact

As an executive, it is critical to not only present well to an audience, but to interact confidently with any person in any situation, in a variety of formats. Verbal and nonverbal communication has impact on an executive’s presence. Being able to convey you are in charge requires self-possession, authenticity, and communication skills. 

FormatIn Person