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Coggin College of Business

Research grants issued over summer

albert loh headshotSeveral key research grants were issued to Coggin College faculty in recent months for the summer.

Dr. Albert Loh, associate dean of Coggin College, announced the grants for the summer. The research funding was distributed for the summer of 2023. They included: 

The Traynham/Coggin Summer Research grant was awarded to Dr. Rachel Frieder and Dr. Gregory Gundlach, respectively. Dr. Frieder’s portion of the grant was for her focus on “Exploring Employees’ Postpartum Return-to-Work Experiences.” Dr. Gundlach’s research featured “Applying Insights from Marketing to Address Gun Violence: The Problem of ‘Ghost’ Guns.”

Meanwhile, the McLaughlin Summer Research Grants were distributed to two essential pieces of research including: “Human vs. Machine: Rethinking AI Marketing Strategy in E-commerce," which was handled by Dr. Hanieh Sardashti. Grant dollars also funded “Digital transformation of chronic disease management: A geospatial analysis of telehealth utilization in Florida,” conducted by Dr. Di Shang and Dr. Chris Baynard.