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Coggin College of Business

Coggin College professor cited in Wall Street Journal

Madeline Zavodny headshotA UNF Coggin College of Business faculty member was cited by the Wall Street Journal in a July 25 editorial, showcasing the institution's national reach. 

Dr. Madeline Zavodny, UNF professor of Economics, was featured prominently in the Wall Street Journal, which took a hard look at future workforce availability in the U.S. The newspaper noted a detailed analysis from Dr. Zavodny. 

“The working-age U.S. population has peaked absent additional immigration," writes Madeline Zavodny, in a policy report published by the National Foundation for American Policy,” the Journal referenced. 

“New international migrants are the only potential source of growth in the U.S. working-age population over the remainder of the next two decades." Ms. Zavodny is an economics professor at the University of North Florida and her analysis is based on data from the Census Bureau and Bureau of Labor Statistics. 

The publication went on to praise Zavodny’s research as “a prescription for growth and vigor.” Read the article here