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Coggin College of Business

Major Coggin College building projects get underway

Coggin Building expansionThe renovation to the building housing some elements of the Coggin College of Business, has plowed on throughout the summer as work progressed on the project on the UNF campus while more work is on the way.  

The upgrades began in June and continued through the summer. Also on the way will be a major merger between the main building which is home to the Coggin College and the adjacent building 10. The state of Florida signed off. The formal work on the merger between the two buildings won’t officially get underway until the fall.  

“The work to the physical buildings, including the renovations and mergers will be a major development for the Coggin College of Business,” said Dr. Richard Buttimer, dean of the college. “It’s amazing to see the projects unfold day by day knowing this will end with one of the most consequential developments for our institution in its entire history."