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Coggin College of Business

Truist career readiness event held on UNF campus

March 25, 2024

The Coggin College of Business hosted Truist Market President Will Landreth on March 11 for a Career Readiness event for UNF students.

The event was held at the University Center and focused on getting students ready to enter the workforce by providing insights into developing a career in business. Students heard from Landreth during a fireside chat as he recounted his journey and provided advice on navigating the professional world after graduation.  The event was one of the many student success initiatives planned after a generous gift given to the Coggin College of Business from the Truist Foundation.

The Truist Charitable Fund committed $100,000 to the UNF Foundation to help the UNF Coggin College of Business provide more support for business students in the beginning of their college careers. The funding will support career readiness activities and prepare students to become productive and employable professionals, such as the event hosted by Coggin on the UNF campus on March 11.   

Another benefit of the funding will go toward establishing a set of professional development seminars for the students. The seminars will focus on “soft skills” development. Topics to be covered in the seminars will include interviewing skills as well as professional etiquette.  

Landreth said the grant is perfectly matched with the UNF Foundation and the mission of Coggin College.

“Coggin College has established itself as one of the leading business education institutions in Northeast Florida, providing real and tangible impact for students,” Landreth said. “Our purpose at Truist is to inspire and build better lives and communities, and that's exactly what Coggin College is doing.”

The funding will be used throughout 2024 and beyond. 

“This is an incredible act of generosity from Truist and it will have immediate impact and practical application for our students entering our college,” said Dr. Richard Buttimer, dean of the Coggin College of Business.  

“We’re always looking forward and aiming to give our students the soundest education beyond theoretical study.  Our priority is to provide immediate career readiness so our students are prepared to enter the workforce upon graduation. We are also grateful for Truist’s kindness that will provide emergency assistance funding for students who find themselves facing crises during their years at UNF,” Buttimer said.

students in the Truist career readiness eventSome students attending the Truist career readiness event held at UNF Campus