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Master of Science in Psychological Science

The Master of Science in Psychological Science (MSPS) is designed to develop a broad base of knowledge and critical thinking skills. This program also provides a unique opportunity for research development and mentorship. Faculty interests cover a broad range of areas including Developmental Psychology, Behavior Analysis, Clinical Research, Social Psychology, Cognitive Science, and Human Factors.

This program provides a strong foundation for those interested in:

  1. Pursuing further graduate work such as Ph.D. in psychology; or
  2. Employment in areas of applied psychology in government, community agencies, and industry

 You can earn your M.S. degree while earning your B.S. in Psychology at UNF with the Accelerated Path for the BS-MS Program in Psychological Science.

Meet Current Graduate Students to learn about their research interests and plans after graduation.

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For additional queries, please contact the Program Director, Dr. Dan Richard,  


Program of Study

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