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College of Arts and Sciences
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Undergraduate Programs

Bachelor of Science in Psychology

The Bachelor of Science in Psychology has a scientific emphasis. To complete the B.S., students acquire experience, knowledge, and skill in research methods that behavioral scientists use. The Department of Psychology also offers a concentration in Child Psychology within the B.S. degree. View the Osprey Map [Course Sequence Guide]  to keep on track for graduation. Osprey Maps should be used in consultation with an academic advisor after admission to UNF. 

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

The Bachelor of Arts in Psychology has a liberal arts emphasis. To complete the B.A., students take courses that advance their understanding of human and animal behavior. They acquire competence in a second language, and they engage in problem-solving and in critical thinking. The Department of Psychology also offers a Concentration in Child Psychology within the B.A. degree.  View the Osprey Map [Course Sequence Guide] to keep on track for graduation. Osprey Maps should be used in consultation with an academic advisor after admission to UNF.

Bachelor of Science in Behavioral Neuroscience

The Bachelor of Science in Behavioral Neuroscience is offered for students interested in studying the biological basis of human behavior. The interdisciplinary curriculum focuses on the brain circuitry and other biological factors underlying normal and abnormal human development, cognition, perception, social interaction, mental health, and drug use. This degree will prepare students for a doctoral program in fields such as neuroscience, biochemistry, molecular biology, neuropsychology, cognitive science, and medicine. Students also may be prepared to pursue career opportunities in such fields as healthcare, pharmacology, physical therapy, bioengineering, artificial intelligence, and research and development.


Outstanding undergraduate psychology majors can graduate with the designation "Honors in Psychology." To do this, they apply for admission to the Psychology Honors Program. Candidates should apply at least two semesters prior to graduation.

Admission to the program requires:

  • Junior or senior standing and completion of at least three UNF psychology courses with a psychology GPA of at least 3.67 and no grade less than B
  • A letter of application to the Department of Psychology chairperson presenting career plans and proposed research for the Honors Project.
  • Completion of 2 one-hour courses offered through the Honors Program:  (1) Honors Thesis Prospectus, and (2) Honors Thesis Seminar

Accelerated Bachelor of Science and Master of Science in Psychology

The Accelerated Path for the BS-MS program in Psychological Science is an opportunity for exceptional UNF undergraduate students in psychology to combine program requirements for their Bachelors and Master’s programs into a period of five (5) years, rather than six (6) or more years in a non-accelerated track. 

The Master of Science degree earned from the accelerated program consists of a broad based, research-oriented program intended to equip students with the critical skills and knowledge necessary for continued occupational and educational advancement in the field of psychology. The accelerated path will allow students to work in the same research laboratory for 3-4 years, which will serve students in both skill development research products.