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College of Arts and Sciences
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Department of Psychology Faculty & Staff

Main Office  

Phone: (904) 620-2807

Fax: (904) 620-3814

Location: 1 UNF Drive Building 51, Room 3404


Name Position Email Phone Room Number
Lori Lange Department Chair and Associate Professor 51/3411
Juliana Leding Assistant Chair and Professor 51/3207
Dan Richard MSPS Director and Associate Professor 51/3205
Dominik Güss Undergraduate Program Director and Professor 51/3106
Katherine Hooper Behavioral Neuroscience Director and Associate Instructor 51/3403
Delores Irvin Coordinator Academic Support Services 51/3404


Name Position Email Phone Room Number
Akindipe, Olutola Assistant Professor 51/3211
Alloway, Tracy Professor 51/3439
Argott, Paul Associate Instructor and Practicum Coordinator 51/3415
Boise, Courtney Assistant Professor 51/3433
Brown, Elizabeth Associate Professor 51/3431
Byrge, Lisa Assistant Professor 51/3433
Davis, Sara Assistant Professor 51/3108
Fitzsimmons, Charles Assistant Professor 51/3209
Fuglestad, Anita Assistant Professor 51/3437
Fuglestad, Paul Associate Professor 51/3419
Kohn, Gregory Assistant Professor 51/3441
Mann, Angela Associate Professor 51/3417
Nicholson, Jody Research Faculty
Pease, Heather Instructor 51/3407
Perez, Susan Associate Provost and Associate Professor
Phills, Curtis Associate Professor 51/3429
Subrahmanyam, Kaveri Professor and Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences 51/3301
Tate, Doyle Assistant Professor 51/3116
Truelove, Heather Barnes Professor 51/3213
Wang, Dong Yuan Professor 51/3203
Witherspoon, Dawn Associate Professor 51/3114
Ybarra, Gabriel Associate Professor 51/3221

Emeritus Professors

Name Position Email Phone Room Number
Iversen, Iver Professor Emeritus 51/3413
Karylowski, Jerzy Professor Emeritus 51/3413
Leone, Christopher Professor Emeritus 51/3413
Marcon, Rebecca Professor Emerita 51/3413
Toglia, Michael Professor Emeritus 51/3413
Urbina, Susana Professor Emerita 51/3413

Visiting Faculty

Name Position Email Phone Room Number
Drury (formerly Vigoureux), Taylor Visiting Assistant Professor 51/3401
Menon, Shanker Visiting Assistant Professor 51/3401
Ryan-Gonzalez, Clark Visiting Assistant Professor 51/3401

Part-Time Faculty

Name Position Email Phone Room Number
Ames, Gretchen Part-Time Professor 51/3405
Badibanga, Ali Part-Time Professor 51/3405
Bogomaz, Mikhail Part-Time Professor 2/2315
Bruce, Barbara Part-Time Professor 51/3405
Colaiezzi, Angela Part-Time Professor 51/3405
Curtis, Megan Part-Time Professor 51/3405
Gainey, Ronald Part-Time Professor 51/3405
Gauler, Andy Part-Time Professor 51/3405
Grotuss, Jason Part-Time Professor 51/3405
Hamilton, Kristy Part-Time Professor 51/3405
Hirschman, Melissa Part-Time Professor 51/3405
Korostenskaja, Milena Part-Time Professor 51/3405
Leedy, Aaron Academic Advisor and Part-Time Professor 51/2518
Litman, Jordan Part-Time Professor 51/3405
Mahovetz, Lindsay Part-Time Professor 51/3405
McNatt-Devine Penny Part-Time Professor 51/3405
Montesinos, Steven Part-Time Professor 2/2326
Narayanan, Lakshmi Part-Time Professor 51/3405
Oliver, John Part-Time Professor 51/3405
Richman, Erin Part-Time Professor 51/3405
Thomas, Khia Part-Time Professor 51/3405
Vanhardt, Kaitlyn Part-Time Professor 51/3405
Vosgerichian, Daniel Part-Time Professor 51/3405