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Contact the Department of Psychology

The Main Office is open Monday - Friday, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Please contact us during these times.

 Main Office Information:


 Phone: (904) 620-2807 Fax: (904) 620-3814

 Location: The Psychology Department main office is located on the third floor of the Social Sciences Building, Building 51. The department office is room number 3404.

Parking: The most convienent place to park when visiting the Department of Psychology is in the Fine Arts garage, Garage 44. For more information about parking permits and the cost of daily passes, please see Parking and Transportation Services.

Department of Psychology faculty members


Name Position Email Phone Room Number
Lori Lange Department Chair and Associate Professor (904) 620-1638 51/3411
Elizabeth Brown Assistant Chair and Associate Professor 51/3431
Dan Richard MSPS Director and Associate Professor (904) 620-1639 51/3205
Dominik Güss Undergraduate Program Director and Professor (904) 620-1634 51/3106
Katherine Hooper Behavioral Neuroscience Director and Associate Instructor 51/3403
Erica Thomas Academic Support Services Specialist (904) 620-1622 51/3404


Name Position Email Phone Room Number
Akindipe, Olutola Assistant Professor 51/3211
Alloway, Tracy Professor (904) 620-1614 51/3439
Argott, Paul Associate Instructor and Practicum Coordinator (904) 620-1691 51/3415
Boise, Courtney Assistant Professor 51/3433
Byrge, Lisa Assistant Professor 51/3433
Davis, Sara Assistant Professor 51/3108
Fitzsimmons, Charles Assistant Professor 51/3209
Fuglestad, Anita Assistant Professor (904) 620-1609 51/3437
Fuglestad, Paul Associate Professor 51/3419
Kohn, Gregory Assistant Professor 51/3441
Leding, Juliana Professor and Director of the Office of Faculty Excellence (904) 620-2536 51/3207
Mann, Angela Associate Professor (904) 620-1633 51/3417
Nicholson, Jody Research Faculty
Pease, Heather Instructor 51/3407
Perez, Susan Associate Provost and Associate Professor
Phills, Curtis Associate Professor (904) 620-4280 51/3429
Subrahmanyam, Kaveri Professor and Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences 51/3301
Tate, Doyle Assistant Professor 51/3116
Truelove, Heather Barnes Professor (904) 620-1643 51/3213
Wang, Dong Yuan Professor (904) 620-1601 51/3203
Witherspoon, Dawn Associate Professor (904) 620-5519 51/3114
Ybarra, Gabriel Associate Professor (904) 620-1608 51/3221

Emeritus Professors

Name Position Email Phone Room Number
Iversen, Iver Professor Emeritus 51/3413
Karylowski, Jerzy Professor Emeritus 51/3413
Leone, Christopher Professor Emeritus 51/3413
Marcon, Rebecca Professor Emerita 51/3413
Toglia, Michael Professor Emeritus 51/3413
Urbina, Susana Professor Emerita 51/3413

Visiting Faculty

Name Position Email Phone Room Number
Drury (formerly Vigoureux), Taylor Visiting Assistant Professor 51/3401
Menon, Shanker Visiting Assistant Professor 51/3401
Ryan-Gonzalez, Clark Visiting Assistant Professor 51/3401

Part-Time Faculty

Name Position Email Phone Room Number
Ames, Gretchen Part-Time Professor 51/3405
Badibanga, Ali Part-Time Professor 51/3405
Bogomaz, Mikhail Part-Time Professor 2/2315
Bruce, Barbara Part-Time Professor 51/3405
Colaiezzi, Angela Part-Time Professor 51/3405
Curtis, Megan Part-Time Professor 51/3405
Gainey, Ronald Part-Time Professor 51/3405
Gauler, Andy Part-Time Professor 51/3405
Grotuss, Jason Part-Time Professor 51/3405
Hamilton, Kristy Part-Time Professor 51/3405
Hirschman, Melissa Part-Time Professor 51/3405
Korostenskaja, Milena Part-Time Professor 51/3405
Leedy, Aaron Academic Advisor and Part-Time Professor 51/2518
Litman, Jordan Part-Time Professor 51/3405
Mahovetz, Lindsay Part-Time Professor 51/3405
McNatt-Devine Penny Part-Time Professor 51/3405
Montesinos, Steven Part-Time Professor 2/2326
Narayanan, Lakshmi Part-Time Professor 51/3405
Oliver, John Part-Time Professor 51/3405
Richman, Erin Part-Time Professor 51/3405
Thomas, Khia Part-Time Professor 51/3405
Vanhardt, Kaitlyn Part-Time Professor 51/3405
Vosgerichian, Daniel Part-Time Professor 51/3405