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College of Arts and Sciences
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School Director and Staff

Name Position Email Phone Room Number
Dr. John H. Parmelee Professor and Director (904) 620-3867 14D/2035
D'Lynn Phelps Office Manager (904) 620-3897 14D/2039
Jayne Krichbaum Administrative Assistant (904) 620-3806 14D/2039
Ken Thomas Senior Broadcast Engineer Technician and Instructor (904) 620-3952 14D/1001


Name Position Email Phone Room Number
Dee Colvin Associate Instructor: Advertising and Design (904) 620-3967 14D/2004
Dr. Junga Kim Associate Professor: Advertising (904) 620-2651 14D/2019
Dr. Carolynn A. McMahan Associate Professor: Advertising (904) 620-3805 14D/2015
Dr. Jaehee Park Associate Professor: Strategic Communication (904) 620-3935 14D/2032

Communication Studies

Name Position Email Phone Room Number
Dr. Christa Arnold Associate Professor: Communication Studies (904) 620-2651 14D/2034
Sam Mathies Instructor: Communication Studies (904) 620-3822 14D/2022
Traci Mathies Instructor: Communication Studies (904) 620-3810 14D/2020
Diane Matuschka Instructor: Communication Studies (904) 620-3572 14D/2036
Dr. Margaret Stewart Associate Professor: Communication Studies (904) 620-2256 14D/2021

Multimedia Journalism & Production

Name Position Email Phone Room Number
Dr. Berrin A. Beasley Professor: Multimedia Journalism (904) 620-2651 14D/2031
Dr. David Deeley Instructor: Multimedia Journalism (904) 620-3821 14D/2010
Frank Goodin Instructor: Multimedia Production (904) 620-2651 14D/2027
Dr. Siho Nam Associate Professor: Multimedia Journalism (904) 620-2651 14D/2005
Dr. Nataliya Roman Associate Professor: Multimedia Journalism and Production (904) 620-3873 14D/2033
Nicolas B. Tatro Visiting Instructor: Multimedia Journalism (904) 620-2651 14D/2018
Dr. Brian Thornton Professor: Multimedia Journalism (904) 620-2651 14D/2017

Public Relations

Name Position Email Phone Room Number
Bobbi Reid Doggett Associate Instructor: Public Relations (904) 620-3866 14D/2009
Dr. Chunsik Lee Associate Professor: Public Relations (904) 620-2651 14D/2023
Dr. Stephynie Perkins Associate Professor: Public Relations (904) 620-3824 14D/2011
Dr. Rachel Riggs Assistant Professor: Public Relations (904) 620-2651 14D/2008