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ACEJMC accreditation



The School of Communication’s Bachelor of Science in Communication is accredited by the Accrediting Council on Education in Journalism and Mass Communications (ACEJMC). The School of Communication is one of just five communication programs in Florida to have ACEJMC accreditation.

ACEJMC was established in 1945 and accredits 113 communication programs around the world. Achieving accreditation requires communication programs to meet standards regarding assessment of student learning, research productivity, resources and student services.  

The school's ACEJMC site team report for the B.S. in Communication is reviewable. Also available are the ACEJMC-related plans.

Graduation and Retention Rates

The Accrediting Council on Education in Journalism and Mass Communications (ACEJMC) encourages communication programs to publish retention and graduation data.

The following information has been compiled by the University of North Florida's office of institutional research. Below are the four-year graduation and retention rates for Communication majors, starting with their first Junior term (first "declared" major in Communication). Retention is defined as staying in the Communication major and not leaving for another major or another school. Fall 2023 enrollment for the B.S. in Communication is 551.

Four-Year Graduation and Retention Rates: Communication Majors

Tracking Year Graduation Rate Retention Rate
2009-2010 71.11% 75.56%
2010-2011 63.76% 67.11%
2011-2012 72.50% 75.00%
2012-2013 69.13% 72.48%
2013-2014 64.74% 68.59%
2014-2015 70.07% 73.47%
2015-2016 65.52% 68.97%
2016-2017 58.06% 60.48%
2017-2018 59.17% 62.50%
2018-2019 70.83% 71.67%
2019-2020 73.33% 75.00%
2020-2021 66.07% 71.43%
2021-2022 77.91% 79.07%
2022-2023 74.32% 78.38%