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Housing and Residence Life

ROTC Living-Learning Community

UNF Army ROTC Living-Learning Community with leadership excellence in logo


Mission Statement: The Army ROTC Living-Learning Community provides a place where students can further develop lifelong leadership and communication skills; increase their physical, social and emotional health; and improve their understanding of the Army. 



  • To improve students' ability to create and maintain healthy sleep and study schedules.  
  • Encourage self-discipline, improve leadership and communication skills, build confidence and personal development.
  • Increase students' accessibility to common areas within close proximity of their living space in order to study and rehearse missions leading to an overall better understanding of Army tactics. 
  • Expand expertise on basic soldier skills and understanding of the military on a personal and tactical level. 
  • To improve students' ability to maintain positive control and accountability of their equipment borrowed from ROTC. 



  1. Students are not required to have any signed government/ military contract to be a part of the ROTC or the ROTC LLC. This program is open to all students with no long-term commitment of any kind.
  2. Students applying for ROTC LLC will be required to be enrolled in a Military Science and Leadership class with lab in the Fall. MSL1001 + Lab, MSL2001 + Lab, MSL3001 + Lab, MSL4001 + Lab. (MSL is the class identifier for ROTC) Students will not be required to enroll in an MSL class in the Spring if they choose not to continue the ROTC program. 
  3. Students are expected to attend LLC events and programs
  4. Complete housing contract as well as the LLC interest application.

​Statements of understanding

  1. If accepted into the ROTC LLC but do not enroll in any MSL class all efforts will be made to transfer the student out of the LLC and into the general student population housing. However, transfer is subject to availability of HRL. In the event that the student is not able to transfer out of the LLC, the student is expected to follow guidelines set forth by the ROTC LLC Standard Operating Procedures (such as cleaning schedules, room labeling and room inspections) and work alongside the student's suitemates to ensure cleanliness and upkeep of the house.
  2. All students accepted into the ROTC LLC will be able to select preferences for their room as well as roommate/ suite mate. (done through the LLC application) However, all rooms will be assigned by the ROTC LLC Advisory board based on gender assigned at birth and all preferences in your application. 
  3. Students accepted into the ROTC LLC may be assigned the leadership position of Suite Manager if not enough people volunteer for it. 


For information about deciding which ROTC class you should enroll for based on your individual situation please contact any of the individuals listed on the UNF ROTC website UNF: UNF Army Reserve Officer Training Corps or on the UNF ROTC Quick Reference Guide. Please understand that our Instructors are full-time, Active-Duty Soldiers and may not be able to respond quickly to phone calls and emails during the summer. If trying to get in contact with us, please ensure your email is sent to all individuals listed on the resources noted above to ensure a timely response. All incoming freshmen should enroll in MSL1001 + Lab. If you have any other questions, please annotate them in your LLC application and someone will reach out to you.

UNF military related clubs and teams you could be a part of: 

  • Student Veterans of America
  • UNF ROTC Morale, Welfare and Recreation
  • Ranger Challenge
  • Color Guard 


Campus Partners and Who to Contact:

UNF: Military and Veterans Resource Center: All ROTC Cadets are welcome to use the resources and study space provided by the MVRC.

Sheresa Divens

Assistant Director of Residential Academic Initiatives, Housing and Residence Life

Amy Lorenz

Director of Residence Life, Housing and Residence Life