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UNF Army Reserve Officer Training Corps [R.O.T.C.]

Our Mission

We partner with U.S. Army Cadet Command [USACC], other universities, and high schools to recruit, educate, train, and commission leaders of character for the Total Army to develop accomplished responsible citizens who value service to their communities.



Black and gold Leadership Excellence R.O.T.C. Crest

Where we came from...

University of North Florida Army R.O.T.C. was first established in 1972 commissioning roughly 18 Cadets a year. It was disbanded in 1996. In January 2009, we returned under the command of LTC Benjamin Jones with seven Cadets and one Cadre/Military Science Instructor [MSI]. Since then, UNF has become a steadily growing Army R.O.T.C. program since re-opening. In fall 2009, UNF increased to 25 cadets and three Cadres. Spring 2010, 56 Cadets and five Cadres and the Legacy continues to grow and evolve to this day.


Students of Edward Waters College, Florida State College of Jacksonville, & Jacksonville University can also attend our program through enrolling in your respective University's Army R.O.T.C. course!


Cadets running on Jax Beach

How to contact Army R.O.T.C.

Recruiting Officer

Kyle Everage

(352) 392-2769


Assistant Professor of Military Science

Jesenia M. Perez


University of North Florida Army ROTC

Bldg. 9 Fredrick H. Schultz Hall

Jacksonville, FL 32224-7699


Office: 904-620-4296


We're located at

At our office entrance; you'll see this large R.O.T.C. crest; directly across from The Fine Arts Center [Bldg #45] via 'The Green'.


Feel free to also reach out to us on our social media platforms!

Black and gold Leadership Excellence R.O.T.C. Crest

Cadets swearing into Army Oath
UNF ROTC Color Guard at Jags game

Color Guard

Cadets presenting the Nations Colors

Drill Team