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Coggin College of Business
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Local Economic Indicators Project

Local Economic Indicators Project (LEIP) aims to become a one-stop shop for business and economic data and provide assessment of the economic performance of the local economy in Jacksonville, Florida. LEIP service offers useful information for

  • Business Leaders
  • Government Officials
  • University Faculty
  • and Students of all ages

Founded by Dr. Paul M. Mason, formerly an economics professor at the University of North Florida, LEIP's main function is the collection of data from all over the Jacksonville area. These data allow us to analyze price changes in order to measure inflation, adjust unemployment rates for seasonality, report stock price changes, and produce an index of leading indicators; to facilitate comparing our local numbers with similar numbers nationwide. Dr. Albert Loh joined the program in 2013 to enhance the economic forecasting. In 2016, Dr. Loh took over as the program director after Dr. Mason retired from UNF.

In addition to continuously collecting monthly economic data, the LEIP research team has been working on updating the construct of the economic variables to better reflect the changing business landscape and consumer demand in the local market. Additional effort has also been invested recently in developing