Welcome to the Department of Psychology 

We, the faculty of the University of North Florida Department of Psychology, found the actions of students who posted a racist video mocking students at the Black Lives Matter rally on campus deeply disturbing. We want to communicate directly and clearly to students, staff, and faculty of color and specifically African American and Black students, staff, and faculty that we support you. 

We are committed to the safety and well being of students on campus.  We will listen to your needs to improve our commitment as a university to provide “an inspiring setting for our diverse community” and will hold our faculty, staff, and students accountable to this mission.  We hear your concerns for greater attention to injustices in our society in our curricula. We believe psychology can help us to better understand why racism persists in our society and how it can be addressed to make communities safer. We are committed to sharing our knowledge with our students and colleagues. We will advocate for you and stand alongside you in solidarity. 





Our mission is to offer the highest quality academic experience at both the graduate and undergraduate levels. Our faculty are committed to teaching and equipping students with the skills and knowledge they need to advance in Psychology and related disciplines.

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Our full-time faculty are active researchers and we offer opportunities for students to collaborate on research projects. We are also committed to continued scholarship and service to the profession and to the local community. 


Within one year of graduation, 70% of our undergraduates find employment and 20% pursue graduate degrees.


Students may earn a Bachelor of Arts or Sciences in Psychology with the option of the Child Psychology concentration. A Bachelor of Science in Behavioral Neuroscience is also available.


Our diverse curriculum includes both experimental and applied courses.

Students have the opportunity to go beyond the classroom to develop leadership skills with community involvement, practicum experiences and internships.  

 We are located in Jacksonville, Florida, a thriving metropolis with a mild climate, abundant opportunities for outdoor recreation, and diverse cultural amenities. As a vibrant changing city Jacksonville also provides us with a living laboratory for our research. 
 Our department offices are located on the third floor of the Social Sciences building (Building 51). The main office, room 3404, is open from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., EST Monday to Friday.



You may contact the office by phone: (904)620-2807 or EMAIL