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French and Francophone Studies


Students may earn the Bachelor of Arts in French and Francophone Studies by completing 30 credit hours of applicable courses above the 2000 level. The French and Francophone Studies program offers courses in French and English in the areas of French language, French and Francophone literature and culture, French and European history, art history, philosophy, politics, and business.


The minor in French consists of Intermediate French I, Intermediate French II, and three upper-level courses.

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Students may earn the Bachelor of Arts in Spanish by completing 30 credit hours of courses in Spanish above the 2000 level. The Spanish BA program offers courses in three broad content areas: Spanish Language, Hispanic Culture, and Hispanic Literature.


The minor in Spanish consists of Intermediate Spanish I, Intermediate Spanish II, and three upper-level courses.

Certificate in Spanish for the Professions

This undergraduate Certificate in Spanish for the Professions helps to build language proficiency with the goal of providing students with the linguistic skills and cultural competency necessary for an increasingly global community, focusing on building cultural background and communicative proficiency while providing profession-specific language and cultural experience. Current professionals and students looking to expand their language and cultural skills before entering the field may be interested in this certificate. Study abroad courses or internships in Spanish-speaking countries, may be accepted with the approval of the chair of the Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures.

Program for Heritage Speakers of Spanish

We offer two courses specifically designed for those who grew up speaking Spanish at home, or who have had extensive contact with the language, but who have had little or no formal training. They are:

  • SPN3350 Spanish for Heritage Speakers, focused on improving your written Spanish, and
  • SPN3351 Communication and Communities for Heritage Speakers, designed to help you feel comfortable using Spanish in professional settings.

Both courses have a cultural component centered on examining the experiences of immigrants and analyzing what it means to be bilingual and bicultural in the United States today.

SPN3350 is offered in fall semesters, and SPN3351 in spring semesters. Students in SPN3351 contribute to the oral history project Voces y Caras: Hispanic Communities of North Florida.

For more information, contact Dr. Constanza López, associate professor of Spanish.



The department offers the following courses:

  • CHI 1120 Beginning Chinese I
  • CHI 1121 Beginning Chinese II
  • CHI 2200 Intermediate Chinese I
  • CHI 2201 Intermediate Chinese II
  • CHI 3400 Conversation in Chinese
  • CHT 3500 Chinese Language and Culture 

The Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures offers a Minor in Chinese (15 credit hours above the beginning level). For more information about learning Chinese at UNF, please contact department chair Dr. Greg Helmick.

Note: Heritage or native speakers of Chinese or students with prior experience in the language must consult with the Chinese program coordinator or the department chair prior to enrolling.

Students may also pursue further Chinese studies abroad through a variety of programs. Students should contact the department for information about these programs.

Bilingual Digital Humanities


The Undergraduate Program in Bilingual Digital Humanities prepares students with advanced research, writing, critical thinking, technology and project management skills in two languages. For more information, visit the Bilingual Digital Humanties Program tab in the menu.