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The Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures prepares students to become engaged and informed citizens who can think critically, communicate effectively in a language other than English, and participate fully in today’s global economy. Our courses and extracurricular programming emphasize language as a window to human understanding and challenge students to improve their interpersonal and problem-solving skills; use language in specific professional contexts and situations; gain competency with digital media; and become more confident, adaptable, and comfortable taking risks. We strive to achieve our mission through instruction that is interdisciplinary and experiential; through the production of innovative scholarship; and through engagement with communities both locally and internationally. Our graduates possess skills that are in demand today across a broad range of fields and are ready to navigate the changing landscape of today’s professional world.

Faculty and Staff

Department Chair

Gregory Helmick, Associate Professor of Spanish, (904) 620-1246, Building 51, Room 2228,

Office Manager

David Bellamy, (904) 620-2282, Building 9, Room 2315,

Full-Time Faculty

Johana BarreroInstructor of Spanish and Language Coordinator, (904) 620-2282, Building 9, Room 2511,

María Ángeles Fernández Cifuentes, Associate Professor of Spanish, (904) 620-2282, Building 9, Room 2511,

Andrea Gaytan Cuesta, Assistant Professor of Spanish and Latin American Studies, (904) 620-2282, Building 8, Room 2010,

Patricia Geesey, Professor of French, (904) 620-2282, Building 9, Room 2406,

Nuria Ibáñez Quintana, Associate Professor of Spanish, (904) 620-2282, Building 9, Room 2517,

Constanza López Baquero,  Associate Professor of Spanish, (904) 620-2282, Building 9, Room 2410,

Clayton McCarl, Associate Professor of Spanish and Digital Humanities, (904) 620-2282, Building 9, Room 2410,

Agnès Schaffauser, Assistant Professor of French and Francophone Studies, (904) 620-2282, Building 9, Room 2408,

Shirley Wright, Instructor of Spanish, (904) 620-2282, Building 15, Room 1105,

Part-Time Faculty

Marina Alonso de Gallo, Part-Time Professor of Spanish, (904) 620-5738, Building 15, Room 1105,

Natalie Avilés, Part-Time Professor of Spanish, (904) 620-5738, Building 15, Room 1105,

Martha García, Part-Time Professor of Spanish, (904) 620-5738, Building 15, Room 1105,

Daniel Holloway, Part-Time Professor of German, (904) 620-5738, Building 15, Room 1105,

Mei Lian Lu, Part-Time Professor of Chinese, (904) 620-5738, Building 15, Room 1105,

Hortensia Salcedo, Part-Time Professor of Spanish, (904) 620-5738, Building 15, Room 1105,

Joanne Taylor, Part-Time Professor of French, (904) 620-2282, Building 15, Room 1105,

Emeritus Faculty

Jorge Febles, Professor Emeritus of Spanish, (904) 620-2282, 15, Room 1105,

Shira Schwam-Baird, Professor of Emeritus of French, (904) 620-2282, 15, Room 1105,

Renée Scott, Professor Emeritus of Spanish, (904) 620-2282, 15, Room 1105,


Recent Faculty Publications

Fernández Cifuentes, Ángeles. “Calderón reloaded: El gran mercado del mundo para niños.” Comedia Performance, vol.16, no. 1, 2019, pp. 14-27.

Helmick, Gregory. "The Specular Continuity of Antonio Benítez Rojo’s Mujer en traje de batalla in the Post- Exile of Roberto G. Fernández’s El príncipe y la bella cubana." Nachexil/Post-Exileedited by Bettina Bannasch and Katja Sarkowsky. De Gruyter, 2020, pp. 354-369,

Ibáñez Quintana, Nuria. “Expresiones de la memoria: creación dramática en la clase como puente entre pasado, presente y futuro”. Contextos. Estudios de Humanidades y Ciencias Sociales, vol. 49, 2021,

———. "En busca de la utopía desde el espacio de la memoria. Música para expresar lo indecible en La armonía del silencio de Lola Blasco." Escenarios de utopía, distopia y miopía en el teatro contemporáneo de España del siglo XXI, edited by Albert David Hitchcook and Candyce Crew Leonard. University of Southern Indiana, 2019, pp. 233-244.

López Baquero, Constanza. “Wounds and Monsters: Representations of Gender-Based Violence and Feminicide in the Aftermath of the Colombian Armed Conflict.” Human Rights in Colombian Literature & Cultural Production: Embodied Enactments, edited by Kevin Guerrieri and Carlos Gardeazábal Bravo. Routledge, 2022

———. “La poesía de Marta Quiñónez: Testimonio del camino, de los tiempos y del pan.” Poemas y cantos: Antología critica de autoras afrodescendientes de América Latina, edited by María M. Jaramillo and Betty Osorio. Biblioteca Nacional de Colombia, 2019,

McCarl, Clayton. “'Enemigos encubiertos': A Colonial Latin American Perspective on the Buccaneer Era in the Writings of Francisco de Seyxas y Lovera.” Relating Continents. Coloniality and Global Encounters in Romance Literary and Cultural History, edited by Romana Radlwimmer, Berlin, De Gruyter, 2023, pp. 49–70,

McCarl, Clayton, and Lindsay Van Tine. “Colonial Bibliography and the Indigenous Text.” Latin American Literature in Transition: Pre-1491–1800, edited by Amber Brian and Rocío Quispe-Agnoli, Cambridge University Press, 2023, pp. 258–272.

Schaffauser, Agnès. “The Wretched of the Sea: Clandestine Immigration and Graphic Artistry in Bessora and Barroux’s Alpha: Abidjan to Gare du Nord.Inks: The Journal of the Comics Studies Society, special issue on “Migration in 21st-Century Documentary Comics,” vol. 5, no. 1, 2021, pp. 100-118.

———, director. Salim Bachi, L’Harmattan, 2019. Collection Autour des écrivains maghrébins.



Please consider making a donation to the Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures.

Major Donors

The Department thanks the following individuals for their generous support of our academic and study abroad programs:

  • Cascone Family Foundation. In the spring of 2008, the Cascone Family Foundation, on behalf of Michael Cascone and Juliette Cascone, a former UNF French student, created the Cascone Family Study Abroad Endowment to provide scholarships to Business and Language students who plan to study abroad.
  • Ms. Harriet LeMaster. In the fall of 2007, Ms. Harriet LeMaster, who studied French language, history and culture at UNF for over 15 years, provided a very substantial endowment to support study abroad scholarships in French.
  • Mr. Donald Loop. In the spring of 2007, Mr. Donald M. Loop (BA in Spanish, 2007; MA student in Spanish Education) also provided the Spanish area with a generous endowment to support academic and/or study abroad scholarships.