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Double Majors/Dual Degrees

Students can combine International Studies with other programs  of study by double-majoring (combining the Bachelor of Arts in International Studies with another Bachelor of Arts program) or pursuing dual degrees (combining the BA in International Studies with another degree, such as a BS) is also a possibility. The director of International Studies is available to work with students, academic advisors and other disciplinary programs to explore possibilities for such combinations.  As explained in the UNF Undergraduate Catalog, a student can double-count up to 18 hours between the major in International Studies and other programs of study — majors, minors, or graduate-level programs (for those enrolled in our accelerated paths).


Note the following:

  • Students who are double-majoring or pursuing dual degrees are not required to complete a minor, and may be able to count some courses toward both majors/degrees.
  • Credits that students have earned through accelerated mechanisms, such as AP, IB, CLEP or dual enrollment, do not count toward the total number of hours (generally 120, but not always) used in calculating financial aid awards or the excess credit hours surcharge. 
  • The statewide policy on excess credit hours provides special allowances for students pursuing double-majors or dual degrees.

Students should consult with their academic advisor and/or contact a One-Stop Student Services coordinator for individualized guidance on these matters.