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Honors in the Major

The Honors in the Major in the Bachelor of Arts in International Studies is available by application to students who seek to enhance their undergraduate experience and document a high level of achievement in this interdisciplinary degree program.

To earn honors in International Studies, students whose applications are approved must fulfill the requirements of the major with a 3.4 GPA in their major courses, must earn a minimum grade of B in INS4930 International Studies Senior Research Seminar, and must complete at least three experiences that fall within the following categories:

  • internships undertaken for academic credit through the International Studies Program (or through other programs, pending approval by the director of International Studies);
  • study abroad experiences that entail at least 6 hours of academic credit (generally UNF semester-long exchanges or faculty-led summer semester programs);
  • graduate-level courses, 
  • completion of a second major in any field; and
  • research supervised by a faculty member in the context of a directed independent study (subject to the International Studies Program's policy on directed independent studies).

A student may count multiple activities within any of the first three categories--in other words, a student could do multiple internships, qualifying study abroad experiences or graduate-level courses. Only one directed independent study will be counted, however. 


Additional options may be available, in consultation with the director of the International Studies Program.

As each of the categories stated above involves an activity that bears at least three hours of credit, the minimum number of hours associated with Honors in the Major for International Studies will generally be nine. In most cases, however, these will not represent additional hours, as internships, study abroad coursework, directed independent studies and relevant graduate-level coursework, if planned properly, can all count as elective coursework for the major. A student enrolled in an accelerated path from the Bachelor of Arts in International Studies into a UNF graduate program can count any graduate courses taken as part of that path toward this requirement, and in some cases, may fulfill the requirements stated herein by default through their participation in that accelerated path.

A student who completes these requirements will have Honors in the Major noted on their transcript and diploma. For further information and/or to apply, please contact the director of the International Studies Program. At the time of application, a student must have completed, or be currently enrolled in, INS3003 Introduction to International Studies.

This language above approved by the UNF Faculty Association in December 2019. The phrase in bold was added in Abril 2020, by approval of the Advisory Committee to the International Studies Program and the Hicks Honors College.

The application for Honors in the Major, along with a form for documentation your completion of requirements, are available in the Canvas Group site for the International Studies Program.