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Programs of Study


The Bachelor of Arts in International Studies is an interdisciplinary degree that enables students to better understand today’s world and prepares them for graduate study and employment in a broad range of professional fields.

Students in this major complete an International Educational Experience, consisting of a study abroad program, an internship overseas, or an internship with an international focus in the United States. International Studies majors must study a foreign language through the Intermediate II level or demonstrate equivalent proficiency, and are encouraged to minor or double major in a foreign language. A student who combines International Studies with another major may be able to double–count some courses toward the completion of both programs of study.

For complete details, see the full program of study in the UNF Undergraduate Catalog.

See also the the full International Studies Academic Learning Compact to learn more.  View the Osprey Map [Course Sequence Guides] to keep on track for graduation.

Osprey Maps should be used in consultation with an academic advisor after admission to UNF.


UNF also offers a minor in International Studies, consisting of three required courses and two elective courses.

In many cases, however, International Studies minors can instead declare International Studies as a second major with the addition of a relatively small amount of additional coursework. This is particularly true if one or more of the following circumstances applies:

  • the student has already studied a foreign language through the intermediate level, or can otherwise demonstrate intermediate-level proficiency;
  • the student has studied abroad or plans to do so; and/or
  • the student's current major is one of the following, all of which overlap significantly with the major in International Studies, and thus offer numerous opportunities to double-count courses: Anthropology, French Studies, History, Philosophy, Political Science, Religious Studies or Spanish.

Students in the minor who are interested in possibly pursuing this option are encouraged to register for INS3003 Introduction to International Studies. This is not a required course for minors, but can be counted as an elective, and will help a student to get a better sense of what it would mean to double-major in this field.

The International Studies Program publishes a list of courses offered each semester.