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Writing Program & Center Instruction Request

While the UNF Writing Center often serves as a place for students to visit to work with a writing consultant or attend a writing-focused workshop, the UNF Writing Program & Center is also a resource for our university faculty. Below, you'll find a brief list of the kinds of support we can offer. We're always happy to meet to discuss how we can grow the ways in which we support the university community.

Request Instructional Support from the Writing Program

We also have many prepared workshops that our graduate assistants and student writing consultants are able to facilitate in and for your classes. These existing and ready-to-go instructional resources include information session discipline-specific writing and bibliographic practices and tips; literature reviews and synthesis in writing; plain language writing practices; and reading, revising, and editing your own work. 

Request Writing Program Instructional Support


Writing Center Orientation & Workshop Request

Writing Center orientation sessions are a great way to introduce and familiarize students with the areas of support the Writing Center offers throughout their academic career. These short orientation sessions can take place in the course classroom or the Writing Center per request to acquaint students the process of a writing consultation and prepare them for their session. 

Please note the following when submitting a request:

  • A minimum of 2 weeks' notice is required to ensure your preferred date and material(s) are available.
  • All requests should receive confirmation within two (2) business days.
  • Faculty and staff are encouraged to accompany their students regardless of the orientation or workshop location.
  • Please provide a course syllabus, relevant assignment, or workshop topic in your request for the session.

 Writing Center Orientation & Workshop Request


 Integrate the Writing Center Into Your Course

Below you will find sample language for introducing students to Writing Center support services. If you plan to incentive or require your students to attend a writing consultation, we ask that you provide the Writing Center with detailed assignment descriptions, rubrics, and any other information you believe to be productive for our writing consultants to consider as they meet with your students. We're always happy to develop guided questions and discuss helpful ways to scaffold Writing Center visits into your course outcomes.

Writing Center Description for Your Syllabus

Email Us Your Course Assignments