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Opportunities in the Writing Program & Center

apply for opportunities with the writing program and center with a laptop and someone with pen and paper

Thank you for your interest in the Writing Program & Center! 

Spring 2024 Opportunities

The deadline to apply for the Spring 2024 term is Wednesday, November 15, 2023. 

Selected applicants will be invited to a thirty-minute interview and decisions will be finalized by November 30.


Fall 2024 Opportunities

The deadline to apply for the Fall 2024 term is Monday, April 1, 2024.

Selected applicants will be invited to a thirty-minute interview and decisions will be finalized by April 30. In preparation for the Fall 2024 term, selected Fellows will begin their training and professionalization on campus during the Summer B term.


Learn about each opportunity and the application process below! 

Writing Fellowship

The Writing Center is an integral part of the university community and, as such, is measured by the ability of its staff to interact effectively with students and to assist in meeting their individual needs. Writing fellows will professionalize their approach to interdisciplinary writing practices across various genres, specifically in technical writing and science writing, and major citation styles, such as, but not limited to, APA, AMA, Chicago, IEEE, and MLA.

Writing Center fellows should possess strong disciplinary, multidisciplinary, and/or interdisciplinary academic writing skills, strong interpersonal communication skills, an ability to explain various writing concepts and terms, a desire to guide students in enhancing their relationships to their writing and their disciplines, and a willingness to continuously develop and improve their knowledge of best practices in writing consultations.
  • Eligibility
    Applicants must be a current UNF student at the sophomore level or above, with a GPA of 3.0 or higher. Writing Fellows can be students across any discipline with a foundational knowledge of writing techniques and approaches relevant to at least one academic discipline (e.g., biology, chemistry English, engineering, education, etc.).
    We are currently seeking Writing Fellows in the following disciplines:
    • Education 
    • Engineering & STEM Majors
    • Health Sciences & Nursing
    Applicants must be enrolled in either SIX (6) undergraduate hours or FOUR (4) graduate hours of coursework in the spring and fall semesters, or in either THREE (3) undergraduate hours or THREE (3) graduate hours of coursework in a summer semester.
  • Responsibilities
    In this role, Writing Fellows can expect to:
    • meet with undergraduate and graduate students to discuss writing questions and topics across a variety of academic disciplines;
    • pursue professional development activities across the fall and spring semesters, to include attending a pre-agreed-upon number of orientation and consultant training days, as well as growing their familiarity with other disciplines’ writing features;
    • take up assigned projects, including creating materials for and attending Market Days, developing social media materials, designing discipline-specific writing resources, among others;
    • maintain an individual writing consultation reflection log and consultant portfolio.
  • Application Process

     To successfully apply for the Writing Fellowship, you must prepare two academic writing samples, two letters of recommendation, and submit your application here: Writing Fellowship.

    Two (2) Academic Writing Samples: Choose papers from courses in different areas of study and be sure to include at least one, preferably two, pieces of analytical or argumentative writing (feel free to include a lab report as long as it illustrates your analytical writing – e.g., the Introduction and/or Discussion sections). For each selected paper, you will need to write a description of the assignment and a brief explanation of why you have selected it for us to review and include this framing information at the outset of the paper, clearly marked. Excerpts from longer papers are acceptable, but please provide context.
    Two (2) Recommendation Letters: Recommendations help us determine if you are an apt candidate for the Writing Fellows position. Please ask a professor, instructor, or teaching assistant who has taught you in a course at UNF and who knows you and your written work well. Contact the recommender(s) before you list them on this application. We recommend asking them at least two weeks in advance.

    Upcoming Application Review Period: November 15-30 

    Apply Here: Writing Fellowship

    If you have any questions, please contact Holly Adams at

Graduate Assistantship

This Graduate Assistantship exists primarily to support General Education writing courses in the Department’s Writing Program. Graduate Assistants, then, are most commonly assigned responsibilities that support Writing Program & Center (WPC) courses and initiatives.

The Department of English Writing Program & Center (WPC) is an integral part of the greater UNF community and supports writers inside and outside of classrooms across a variety of initiatives. WPC Graduate Assistants hold a half-time (40 hours biweekly) position comprised of a variety of responsibilities, not limited to but chieny entailing offering writing consultations with undergraduate and graduate student writers; developing discipline-specific writing materials; facilitating course instruction in concert with faculty; supporting ongoing!!and ad hoc WPC projects, such as assessment initiatives; pursuing professional development opportunities; amending bi-weekly Writing Center conversations; and incidental clerical and other office-related tasks. Please contact Dr. David MacKinnon for more information:

  • Eligibility

    Applicants must be a current UNF graduate student in the English Graduate Program. Graduate Assistants can be students across any undergraduate disciplinary background with a foundational knowledge of writing techniques and approaches relevant to at least one academic discipline (e.g., biology, chemistry English, engineering, education, etc.).

    Graduate Assistants are required to enroll as a full-time student for NINE (9) credit hours each semester they are employed as a GA. Exceptions are possible but usually limited to circumstances in which a GA needs fewer hours to graduate in a final semester.

  • Responsibilities

    Graduate Assistants (GA) are hired on a part-time basis for 20 weekly (40 biweekly) hours to support a variety of activities each semester, as well as projects singular to a particular semester or academic year. Generally, GAs are assigned FIVE (5) weekly hours of drop-in support and THREE to FIVE (3-5) weekly hours of graduate student writing support in the Writing Center. GAs schedule these EIGHT to TEN (8-10) hours at the start of the semester in consultation with the Director of the Writing Center, who will ensure that these scheduled hours do not conflict with each GA’s course schedule and academic responsibilities.

    Beyond these scheduled hours, GAs are also assigned a variety of responsibilities across the semester/academic year to support WPC activities and initiatives. These include, but are not limited, to course content and workshop development and facilitation to staffing and tabling WPC events, to participating in assessing student writing for various courses and program assessments.

    Teaching Assistantship Opportunity

    GAs who have earned EIGHTEEN (18) or more credit hours in the English MA program are able to be assigned to a first year writing course (i.e., ENC1101 or ENC1143) as the instructor of record while working hand in hand with the WPC faculty to develop and teach their course. Historically, this opportunity has taken place during a GA’s final semester after they’ve completed a variety of coursework and WPC professional development. In relation to the above-stated duties, Teaching Assistant roles occupy approximately 10 weekly hours of the GA assignment and serve as the “Other projects or duties as assigned” in addition to the drop-in and graduate student support hours.

  • Compensation

    First-year GAs are offered paid a stipend of $5,000 per semester, or $10,000 across the fall and spring semesters; no summer work is offered at this time. Contingent on continued state funding, second-year GAs are invited back with a stipend of $6,250 per semester, or $12,500 across the fall and spring semester; no summer work is offered at this time. However, recently graduated GAs often take up a part-time faculty teaching position over the summer terms as a bridge to their next steps.

    GAs also receive a tuition waiver as part of their compensation. Currently, this waiver is set to cover 100% of a GA’s tuition expenses but excludes student fees.

  • Application Process

    Send your completed Application for a Graduate Assistantship in English form, statement of professional experience and goals, and writing sample to the Graduate Coordinator of English, Dr. Betsy Nies: