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Drop-In Sessions

At the Writing Center, we understand that it's not always possible to schedule a writing consultation in advance, so we offer 20-minute drop-in writing consultations.


How to Visit

  1. When you're ready to meet, you may sign in here or scan the QR code at the designated cubby area in the Perdue Study Area in the Library.
  2. If there is a wait, remain close to the Perdue Study area.
  3. When it's your turn in line, our staff will email you with the N# you provide, so be sure to provide the correct N# when you sign in.
  4. You will have 5 minutes to report for your drop-in session or your spot in line will be forfeited.

Please Note: This session is likely to be more generic in nature and that the writing consultant with whom you meet may or may not be familiar with your topic or disciplinary writing. For this reason, we recommend where possible scheduling a consultation in advance with a consultant in your area of study.