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Meet Our Writing Program & Center Team

If you have any questions or requests for the Writing Program & Center, please email the team at

Writing Program Administrators

Linda Howell headshot

Linda Howell

Director, Writing Program & Center

Linda is a native New Yorker who has adopted Florida as her home for many years now. When she is not directing the program and center, she teaches and researches writing pedagogy, first year writing, and fan and media studies. Her area of research is plagiarism and digital literacies. On her down time, she likes to watch food competition shows, movies, and produce fan fiction and fan videos. She is the momma to two beautiful orange tabbies, Sam and Dean. And yes, those names are inspired by Supernatural.

David MacKinnon headshot

David MacKinnon

Director, Writing Center

David is foremost a husband and father. Having earned his B.A. (2005) and M.A. (2008) in English at UNF, he recently completed his doctorate in educational leadership studying the roles of professional development in faculty job satisfaction and teaching self-efficacy. When he is not in the classroom or the writing center, he and his family are exploring the world.

Writing Program & Center Faculty

Mikayla Beaudrie headshot

Mikayla Beaudrie

Associate Instructor, Department of English

Mikayla is the Writing Program & Center's resident Michigander who primarily teaches courses in technical communication and STEM writing. She obtained her B.S. in English from Eastern Michigan University in 2013 and M.A. in English from the University of Florida in 2015. Her research interests include African-American Rhetoric, critical pedagogy, the Gothic, hip-hop culture, and how the aforementioned intertwine. She's currently hiking her way through Duval County, but will take a break to talk about your dog, cat, or other household pet.

Ash Faulkner headshot

Ash Faulkner

Associate Instructor, Department of English

Professional Communication, Business Writing, Academic Integrity

Ash is an Osprey, with a B.A. from UNF (1998) and an M.A. (2003). He enjoyed a side-trip through the Blue Ridge Mountains to get his Ph.D. at the University of Virginia (2012), but home is St. Augustine. Ash teaches professional communication. He enjoys seeing students find careers they love (and escape careers they don't). He is probably in his office. If not, he is on a boat.



Kadesh Lauridsen headshot

Kadesh Lauridsen

Associate Instructor, Department of English

Kadesh loves being a part of UNF and the UNF Writing Program family. She earned her Bachelor of Arts in Education from the University of North Florida (2000), and her Master of Arts in English (2006) and PhD in English (2012) from the University of Florida. She teaches first year writing, directs the Writing Intensive Orientation Session (WIOS) program prior to each fall, and co-coordinates the First Forward LLC. Her interests include Jane Austen and women's writing of the long eighteenth century. When away from UNF, she enjoys life with her fabulous fiance and two equally fabulous children.

Maureen McCluskey Headshot

Maureen McCluskey


Maureen McCluskey, Ed.D., is an Instructor with the Department of English, the Director for UNF Shakespeare, and the Advisor for UNF’s Musical Theatre Club, Swoop Troupe. Maureen has worked on numerous Broadway and Florida theatrical productions, most recently with The Phantom of the Opera, Broadway, and the Tony-Award winning revival of The King and I at Lincoln Center. She has appeared as a named and segmented guest on The Today Show and The Better Show. Maureen has completed work for The CBS Morning Show, The Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade, The Tony Awards, Law and Order, The Lifetime Channel, Johnson & Johnson, Canon, Vogue, All You, L’Oreal, Boardwalk Empire, Derek Jeter, Sharon Isbin, and several others. She is a member of the Screen Actors Guild – American Federation of Television and Radio Artists, Actors’ Equity Association, Local 764, SAG Foundation, and the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees. Maureen is committed to students’ success both inside traditional coursework and outside artistic and community-based endeavors and has made significant contributions to active learning and inclusion within the performing arts, visual arts, interdisciplinary endeavors, student government, and leadership.

White UNF Osprey logo on dark blue background

Dorsey Olbrich


Paige Perez headshot

Paige Perez

Instructor, Department of English

Professional and Public Writing, Editing, Spinnaker Outreach, Internships


White UNF Osprey logo on dark blue background

Sara Steffen


First Year Writing & Support, Scientific Writing, Business Writing, Osprey First Summer Bridge Program, Osprey Connections Experience, Interdisciplinary Writing, Graduate Student Pedagogy Training, Writing Outreach

Jennie Ziegler headshot

Jennie Ziegler

Associate Instructor, Department of English

First Year Experience (Osprey Connections), Community-Based and Service Learning, Experiential Learning, Nonfiction Writing, Discipline-Based Writing 

Jennie Ziegler is an Associate Instructor in the Writing Program and English Department and the Co-Curricular Coordinator for Osprey Connections, a First Year Experience here at UNF. She teaches a broad spectrum of coursework that includes grant writing, creative writing, nonfiction, reading advocacy classes, first-year writing, and children’s and adolescent literature. She earned her B.A. in International Studies and English at The Ohio State University and earned her Nonfiction Writing M.F.A. from the University of Arizona. She is passionate about experiential learning as well as community-based outreach and has worked with a number of community partners in her courses, including Communities in Schools of Jacksonville, Wolfson Children’s Hospital, and the Florida Institute of Oceanography, among others.

Writing Program & Center Staff

Holly Adams

Instruction Support Coordinator
(904) 620-5394

Writing Center Support, Supplemental Instruction, Campus Outreach, Event Coordination

Farrah Muntz

Instruction Support Coordinator

Writing Program Partnerships, Supplemental Instruction, Course Material Development, First Year Experience

Writing Program & Center Graduate Assistants

Headshot of Rhonnie Fordham

Ronald Fordham

First-year Graduate Assistant, Department of English

Services: In-Person & Online Availability

Creative Writing, First Year Writing, Graduate Student Support, Languages & Literature

Rhonnie is from a small town in Georgia and is glad to now be a part of the UNF family. He graduated cum laude with a B.A. in English from Georgia Southwestern State University before joining UNF's M.A. program. Rhonnie is also a published author and when he is not over at the writing center, he is either working on his latest horror novel or visiting a weird tourist attraction somewhere in the southeast.

White UNF Osprey logo on dark blue background

Rebekah Goodrich

First-year Graduate Assistant, Department of English

Rebekah is a English Master's student at UNF. She graduated with her Bachelor's degrees in English and Psychology from UNF in Fall of 2022. She's planning on pairing Psychology with English in her future writing. She likes playing video games and writing analytical essays based on texts and games that she enjoys.

Photo of Juliette Guido

Juliette Guido

First-year Graduate Assistant, Department of English

Juliette graduated summa cum laude with a major in English Literature and a minor in Creative Writing from Flagler College (2021). Her academic research and interests include gothic and translated literature, gender theory, and poetry and fiction writing. When she is not in the writing center you can find her looking for shark teeth at the beach, working on her novella, or dressing up her cats.

Rebecca Hall

First-year Graduate Assistant, Department of English

Rebecca earned her B.A. in English from UNF in 2018. She spent a few years teaching middle/high English before returning to UNF in 2021 to receive her M.A. in English. When not working toward her degree, Rebecca spends time with her two dogs, Daisy and Albus, and relaxes on her yoga mat.

Headshot of Kaylee Klosterman

Kaylee Klosterman

First-year Graduate Assistant, Department of English

Kaylee earned her B.A. in English and double minor in Marketing and Mass Communications from UNF in 2022. She is currently earning her M.A. in English. She is a graduate assistant and works in the writing center. She loves to read fantasy and contemporary novels and she aspires to be an editor for a publishing company one day. To help get her through her busy course load, she loves crafting her own coffee and vibing to Taylor Swift.

headshot photo of Sam Morden

Samantha Morden

First-year Graduate Assistant, Department of English

Samantha Morden is a first-year graduate assistant. She graduated from UNF with her BA in 2022 and will be completing her MA through the BA/MA Accelerated Program in 2023. Samantha enjoys American Literature Studies. In her spare time, Samantha has worked to promote civic engagement in the Jacksonville community, through organizations such as the Campus Vote Project.

Stephen Shambach

First-year Graduate Assistant, Department of English

Stephen is a semi-nomad of the Northern hemisphere. After years of hitching and couch-surfing across America, he landed in St. Augustine in 2010. He earned his B.A. (2020) in English from Flagler College, and he is currently pursuing an M.A. in English with a concentration in Rhetoric and Composition. When he is not in the classroom or in the online writing center, he is at home reading a book, picking a guitar, or petting his rescued 13-year-old Chantilly cat, Pantera.

Joshua Smith

First-year Graduate Assistant, Department of English

Joshua is a recent graduate from the University of North Florida who earned his bachelor’s degree in English. He is currently pursuing a master’s degree in English. In his spare time he likes to watch football.

Headshot of Brooke Wooten

Brooke Wooten

First-year Graduate Assistant, Department of English

Brooke is a native of Neptune Beach who calls her husband's country of Scotland her second home. She loves the opportunity of being a part of UNF and the writing program after three years of teaching high school English and Art History. She obtained her BA in English from the University of Florida (2017), and her M.S.Ed with a specific focus on child and adolescent psychology (2019) from the University of Edinburgh, where her thesis focused on the effects of sibling mental health on educational attainment. She is excited to work on her MA in English and plans to concentrate on rhetoric and composition. Her research interests are often interdisciplinary and range from psychoanalysis to varying genres of literature. When she isn't in the writing center, you can find her at her local coffee shop, the dog park with her doodles, or on the beach with a fantasy novel... if she isn't off exploring another country.

Writing Program & Center Consultants

White UNF Osprey logo on dark blue background

Allison Archey

Writing Center Consultant

Services: Online Availability

APA Style, AMA Style, Business Writing, First-Year-Writing Support, and Professional Communications

Allison is a UNF Alumni with a B.A. in English (2020). She has a combined five years of experience working with students on their essays and enjoys helping them find the best way to convey their thoughts to the page. In addition to her major in English, she also graduated with a minor in Painting, Drawing, & Printmaking, and loves the arts. When she isn't helping someone find just the right word, she might be trying a new vegan recipe, doodling her favorite cartoon characters, or playing video games.

Jyl Bean

Writing Center Consultant

Services: Online Availability

APA Style, AMA Style, and Public Health

Jyl is an Alumni of the University of North Florida, earning her MPH in 2021. She used this degree to transition from enlisted to commissioned after 16 years in the Navy and is currently an Environmental Health Officer. Additionally, she is a wife and mother to three children and two fur-babies. She has been assisting the Writing Center via a virtual platform since March of 2022, providing writing services to all concentrations of students at UNF. She loves using her MPH to help better the military community and spread knowledge and education within Navy medicine, while continuing to stay connected to the UNF community through virtual means.

Janson Cobiella

Writing Center Consultant

Services: Online Availability

First-Year-Writing Support

Janson is a UNF alumni with a bachelor's in English and a minor in creative writing. His specialties are in creative writing, language and literacies, and English course work. Janson is a storyteller who writes fiction full of weird wonder, dramatic action, and a few laughs. He loves running in the woods, eating double cheeseburgers wherever they are sold, and playing dungeons and dragons like it's his second job.

Hadley Hendrix

Writing Center Consultant

Services: Online Availability

AP Style & Communications, APA Style, Creative Writing, First-Year-Writing Support, and Languages & Literature

Hadley is a senior majoring in Psychology in Writing and minoring in Creative Writing. She works at two presses and specializes in copyediting and laying out book interiors. At the Writing Center, she specializes in guiding students on how to improve their creative writing, APA style, and literature papers. In her free time, she paints, draws, knits, and styles outfits that mix the in-vogue and chic with the classic and antique.

Mak Johnson Headshot

Mak Johnson

Writing Center Consultant

Services: Online Availability

AMA Style, Creative Writing, First-Year-Writing Support, and Languages & Literature

Mak is your friendly neighborhood writing consultant. They specialize in creative writing, MLA format, APA format, technical and professional writing, and languages and literature. You can catch them either doing homework or playing some kind of video game. They’re happy to help!

White UNF Osprey logo on dark blue background

Elisabeth Pignato

Writing Fellow

Services: In-Person Availability

First-Year-Writing Support and Languages & Literature

Elisabeth is a native Floridian who graduated with a BS in Political Science from The Florida State University. She is now pursuing her MA in English at The University of North Florida. She enjoys literature, history, sociology, political philosophy, and film studies.  In her free time, she is typically spending time with friends, reading a new novel, cuddling her Siamese cat, or playing a game of pickleball.

Camila Porfilio

Writing Center Consultant

Services: In-Person Availability

APA Style, English for Multilingual Learners, and Languages & Literature

Camila is a sophomore psychology student at UNF aiming for a career in criminal psychology. That said, she is fascinated by true crime and the way the human brain works. Aside from that, she also enjoys Gothic media and literature, drawing, and music of any and all kinds.

White UNF Osprey logo on dark blue background

Bradley Segarra

Writing Center Consultant

Services: In-Person Availability

Bradley Segarra is a writing consultant at the writing center. His interests are drawing, fiction writing, creative writing, digital photography, and mysteries and thrillers. Whenever he is free, he takes the time to write stories and draw characters for a franchise he plans to make. Fanfiction is what he is currently doing. TV shows, movies, and video games are also some interests of his.

Nate Sugden

Writing Center Consultant

Services: In-Person Availability

Creative Writing, First-Year-Writing Support, and Professional Communications

Nate is an English Major in their Senior year. They have a minor in Creative Writing and experience with many different kinds of writing, including MLA and APA format, rhetorical essays, argumentative essays, synthesis essays, literary analysis papers, and fiction writing. Their specialty is genre fiction, particularly fantasy, science fiction, and horror, and they hope to one day become a novelist of these genres. Nate plans to graduate in Spring of 2023, and afterwards will pursue their Master's in English.

White UNF Osprey logo on dark blue background

Khloe Trainer

Writing Center Consultant

Services: In-Person Availability

Creative Writing, First-Year-Writing Support, IEEE & Engineering, and Languages & Literature

Khloe is an English student with a concentration in Creative Writing. She has been working as a consultant with the UNF Writing Center since Summer, 2022. She specializes in Creative Writing and Literature studies, but she also loves talking about the mechanics and style of writing in any form. When she’s not at the writing center, she’s reading for the Talon Review and working on her own writing projects. She also enjoys reading fantasy novels and poetry, playing music with friends, and collecting shark teeth.