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Academic and Student Affairs
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Faculty Administration & Personnel Resources


The Academic and Student Affairs Faculty Administration & Records Management Team provides leadership, administrative support and helpful resources for university faculty, hiring officials/principal investigators, departmental liaisons and staff on priorities related, but not limited, to faculty recruitment (regular, visitors and part-time), and tenure and promotion.  This webpage also contains helpful links to the faculty credentialing process, commonly used forms, and template letters.

Faculty Hires & Appointments

Hire Process (by position type)

Hire Documents

Offer Letter Templates

Offer letters will be generated in Workday. Use the following templates as guides to help you finalize the offer letter in Workday.

Adding a Secondary Position

Reappointing Visiting and Adjunct Faculty

Returning Adjuncts

Returning Visitors

  • Submit the following documents to Academic & Student Affairs (
    1. Verbal offer acceptance
    2. Department vote to reappoint the visitor for an additional year
    3. Specify how many years the faculty member has been a visitor ("2024-25 will be their third year as a visiting instructor").
  • The visitor's academic appointment will remain active in Workday. Submit an "End Academic Appointment" and "End Jobs" task in Workday when the visitor will not be returning (see KB article "The Process to End Jobs").
  • See CBA Article 12.5 "Visiting Appointments" for policies governing visiting faculty appointments.

Change in Position

Adjunct to Visitor

  1. End Academic Appointment for the adjunct position.
  2. Create a Job Requisition and follow the steps for hiring new full-time faculty.

These steps only apply if an adjunct is being hired as visiting faculty. A search is required to hire for full-time faculty positions (instructor/lecturer or tenure-track).

Visitor (9-month) to Summer Adjunct

  1. Add Period Activity Pay for the summer contract dates.
  2. Add Academic Appointment for the adjunct position corresponding to the semester dates.
  3. When the summer adjunct appointment ends, the 9-month visiting position will remain active to continue in the fall.

Visitor to Adjunct (permanent position change)

(to be posted)

Instructional Faculty Credentialing Process

UNF gives primary consideration to the highest earned degree in the teaching discipline. UNF also considers competence, effectiveness, and capacity, including as appropriate, undergraduate and graduate degrees, related work experiences in the field, professional licensure and certifications, honors and awards, continuous documented excellence in teaching, or other demonstrated competencies and achievements that contribute to effective teaching and student learning outcomes.

In cases where a faculty member does not possess the traditional academic preparation outlined in the SACSCOC minimum qualification requirements section of the Faculty Employment policy, it is the responsibility of the department to justify the exception.

Faculty Exception Request

There are two separate forms to complete the faculty credential exception request. First is a narrative of justification. The second component is a matrix of the course(s), student learning outcomes, and the faculty member’s portfolio. When making the case, please be specific with respect to the faculty member’s portfolio. For instance, if the faculty member has related work experiences in the field, be specific as to what these are - several years in a field alone is not sufficient to demonstrate competencies and achievements which contribute to effective teaching and student learning outcomes.

Both forms will be prepared by the hiring official, which is typically the department chair, and submitted as two separate documents. Please use the templates linked below:

When a faculty member does not have the usual terminal degree required to teach a particular course, it is the responsibility of the department to submit a request for non-graduate faculty to teach graduate courses.

NOTE: Videos were recorded prior to most recent Banner update, some changes may have occured of locations. 


The Office of Academic and Student Affairs oversees Immigration and Work Authorization processes. Immigration approval is required prior to hiring a foreign national. Processing of H-1B, H-1B extensions, TN and Permanent Residency is handled through Academic and Student Affairs. 

If you are hiring a foreign national who requires immigration processing, contact Academic and Student Affairs at ext. 2707 prior to initiating the offer letter. An offer is contingent on the successful approval of the immigration process. Employment cannot begin with the University until appropriate immigration approval is received and verified by the Office of Academic and Student Affairs.

The hiring department within the University of North Florida, as the sponsoring institution, incurs the cost associated with certain immigration types. 

The following immigration resources and forms may be helpful in understanding the immigration process as it pertains to hiring.

For detailed information on how to initiate the immigration process, contact the following individuals.

Maritza Choisser
Immigration Manager
(904) 620-2707 

Felicia George
Director, Faculty Administration and Records Management
(904) 620-1256


TOL for New Faculty

(Procedure for New Incoming Faculty without an N#)

For new faculty nominated to take the Teaching Online Course (TOL) course who do not have an N#, the following process is needed.

At a minimum, the department will need to submit to Academic Affairs copies of the following for credential review only- the part-time file will not be approved at this time.

  • Completed Faculty Documentation Checklist form
  • Transcripts
  • Letters of recommendation (if available at this time)
  • Vita

Further instructions and information also apply.

  • Indicate in the comments section of the Faculty Documentation Checklist form 'For TOL review.'
  • The department will also need to submit an electronic Network Access Form (on myWings) and request a level 2 background/fingerprint check.
  • Academic Affairs will review the materials provided.
  • If the faculty member is a foreign national, proper immigration documentation will need to be verified prior to approval of the Network Access form--contact Academic Affairs.
  • Once the credentials have been reviewed and verification of background check has been received from Human Resources, an email will be sent to the appropriate departmental contact informing them that everything has been reviewed.

Academic Affairs will hold the paperwork sent for review by the department. Once Academic Affairs provides the part-time faculty dates to the departments (dates are provided for full academic year in early May), the department should submit the part-time file to Academic Affairs for approval and include the following:

  • Official Transcript
  • Letters of recommendation (if letters were not previously provided for the review)
  • Part-time faculty contract
  • Faculty Credential Exception Request form / Justification Narrative Matrix (if needed)
  • Request for Non-grad to Teach Graduate Courses electronic form (Instructions for utilizing process) 
  • Request for Approval of Extra State Compensation (if needed)

When the file is received in Academic Affairs, the documentation that was originally forwarded to Academic Affairs for review will be incorporated into the file for approval.

Contact Us

John Kantner

Senior Associate Provost and Associate Vice President for Research
(904) 620-2700

Felicia George

Director, Faculty Administration and Records Management
(904) 620-1256

Maritza Choisser

Immigration Manager
(904) 620-2707

Loraine Morgan

Academic Support Specialist
(904) 620-1274

James Roarty

Assistant Director, Faculty Review and Advancement
(904) 620-2710