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Academic and Student Affairs
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Promotion & Tenure


  1. CBA - Review the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) articles related to your position type. These articles provide important information about promotion eligibility, required materials, and process.
    • Article 20: Tenure
    • Article 21: Promotions for Tenure-Earning and Tenured Faculty
    • Article 22: Promotions for Library Faculty
    • Article 23: Promotions for Instructors and Lecturers
    • Article 24: Promotions for Clinical Faculty
  2. Guidelines - Determine whether your department or school has department-specific promotion and tenure guidelines.
  3. Eligibility - Identify when you are eligible to apply for promotion and tenure.
  4. Calendar - Review the promotion and tenure calendar.
  5. Notification - Notify your chair by April 15 that you will apply for promotion in the fall.
  6. Request Case - Contact Academic & Student Affairs to request a promotion case in Interfolio.
  7. Prepare Case - Prepare, compile, and upload your promotion materials in Interfolio. *Tenure-track candidates only: submit names of potential external reviewers to your chair; submit "Initial Submission" section of your promotion case separately during Spring/Summer so it can be shared with external reviewers.
  8. Submit Case - Submit your promotion case in Interfolio by the deadline on the P&T calendar.



Third-Year Review

Tenure-earning faculty will undergo third-year review during Spring semester of their third year of tenure-earning service. A committee of departmental colleagues will provide a constructive appraisal of the faculty member's progress toward tenure. See CBA Article 20.7(b) for more information about third-year review.


August / September

Chair notifies tenure-earning faculty in their third year of the review and contacts Academic & Student Affairs (ASA) to create cases in Interfolio.


Chair assembles a third-year review committee composed of tenured department faculty and notifies ASA to add the committee in Interfolio.

February / March Faculty member submits case in Interfolio.
By March 31

Department committee shares review letter with faculty member and notifies ASA that the review is completed. ASA closes the Interfolio case and marks it as review complete.

Interfolio Guides

Promotion and Tenure Candidates  Chairs/Directors (for cases involving external reviews)
Case Reviewers

Office of Faculty Excellence Resources


James Roarty
Assistant Director, Faculty Review & Advancement
(904) 620-2710