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Faculty Association
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Welcome to our Faculty Association

The Faculty Association is the core of UNF's shared governance structure as set forth in the UNF Constitution.

Collegial governance provides faculty with mechanisms and procedures, independent of the collective bargaining process, for the development and implementation of recommendations in areas of traditional faculty concern. Within the shared system of academic governance, the Faculty Association shall be concerned with faculty appointment, retention, promotion, and development; academic programs, organization, and standards; academic services and continuing education; and such other matters as may pertain directly to the University instruction, service, and research programs.

The Faculty Association is a one-person, one-vote direct democracy.  All full-time faculty, regardless of rank or position, are members of the Association. 

Meetings are normally held at 12:15 on the first Thursday of each month in the Talon Room on the fourth floor of Osprey Commons (Building 16, the building with the cafeteria).  They are usually about an hour and a half long.  Agendas are sent out, via email to all faculty, before each meeting. If you wish to ask a question at a meeting but wish to remain anonymous, please use our questions and suggestions form. 


Our Standing Committees are:

  • Executive Committee (EC), chaired by the FA Vice President and responsible for setting FA meeting agendas.
  • Academic Programs Committee (APC), responsible for all curricular proposals and changes.
  • Academic Standards Committee (ASC), responsible for recommending academic policy.
  • Adjunct Affairs Committee (AAC)
  • Budget Advisory Committee (BAC)
  • Campus Technology Committee (CTC)
  • Faculty Affairs Committee (FAC)
  • Faculty Enhancement Committee (FEC)
  • Nominations and Elections Committee (NEC)
  • Research Council (RC)
  • Strategic Planning Advisory Committee (SPAC)
  • Support Services Committee (SSC) 

Faculty members are normally elected to these committees, and to membership on University Committees that include FA representatives, for two year terms.  Any member of the FA is eligible to serve.  For members of the UNF faculty, being involved in the Faculty Association is the means, at an institutional level, to have your voice heard on issues of concern to you, to contribute to the governance of the institution, and to develop your professional network here at UNF. 

Teams Faculty Association Files/Documents
This page is designed to keep faculty up to date on the latest news and requests coming from Tallahassee related to the State University System.  
Aside from occasional news items, this SharePoint contains links to the BOG's data requests and submission site, as well as BOG & BOT future meetings (under "Quick Links"). In the "Documents" section there is a folder titled "General" that contains files for specific requests from Tallahassee and UNF's (and other schools') fulfillment of those requests.

Faculty Association President

Michael Binder 

Faculty Association Vice President

James Beasley

Faculty Association Secretary

Kristi Sweeney

Faculty Association Executive Secretary

Beverly Lee