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Welcome to the Office of Faculty Enhancement

The professional life of the present-day scholar is a multifarious enterprise. Faculty members are expected to be excellent teachers, productive researchers, and active participants in a professional community of scholars. In addition, faculty members are asked to respond with composure to changes in their department, college, university, and discipline. Faculty members who find success in academe today are those committed to and engaged in continuous improvement and are those oriented toward finding support to navigate the waters of change.


The Office of Faculty Enhancement (OFE) was established in 2000 with the goal of supporting all University of North Florida faculty members in teaching, research, and service. The mission included the goals of supporting innovation and excellence in  teaching and learning. The Office of Faculty Enhancement along with its university program partners have worked toward this mission by offering workshops, consultation, resources, and programs that support faculty members in their continual growth and professional development.


My vision for faculty development at UNF includes the facilitation of connections and productive dialogues among self-motivated faculty members in communities of practice that inform, shape, and improve their professional activities. I encourage faculty members to connect with their colleagues through the workshops offered by OFE. I also encourage faculty members to develop collaborative and productive professional relationships with their colleagues and to develop supportive relationships that produce long-lasting rewards.


As always, I welcome individual faculty members to the Office of Faculty Enhancement to find resources, support, and consultation.


Dan Richard

Director, Office of Faculty Enhancement