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Office of Faculty Excellence

Non-tenure Track Faculty Advancement

The Office of Faculty Excellence (OFE) supports UNF faculty in their teaching, scholarship/creative work, and service. To these ends, we have put together a number of recurring events and gathered materials and resources to create a space where non-tenure track faculty (NTTF) can interact as well as develop and enhance their craft and pursue ongoing professional development. Whether you have questions about your promotion process or want to find ways to meet and engage your colleagues from across the University, we'd like to help.

Events and Programming

Across each academic year, OFE offers a variety of workshops that focus on tenure-earning and tenured faculty needs.

Spring 2024
Promotion Panel Discussion
April 11, 1:00pm to 2:00pm
Fall 2023
Narrative Writing Workshop (in person)
September 28, 10:30am to 11:30am
October 3, 1:00pm to 2:00pm

NTTF Links

2023-2024 Promotion Timeline
Approved Department Guidelines

Grants & Funding Opportunities
Professional Development Leave Example Applications (Forthcoming)

I: Review the Tenure and Promotion Timeline for Faculty

This timeline provides critical dates and process steps for those applying for tenure and/or promotion. 

II: Create an Interfolio case

Interfolio is the electronic dossier system used for promotion and tenure application. You can find a link to Interfolio in myWings.

III: Read the 2022-2025 Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA)

Carefully review the Labor agreement between the University and the applicable unions representing various University employees. Article 18, Performance Evaluations, is particularly important as it offers general guidance and examples of activities that count toward teaching, research, and service assignments. Such activities count toward promotion as well. Article 23, Promotions for Instructors and Lecturers, reviews and offers specific information for the instructor and lecturer promotion process, while Article 24, Promotions for Clinical Faculty, reviews and offers specific information for clinical faculty.

IV: Determine if you have Department Guidelines

Of the most importance is to determine if your department has adopted Department Promotion and Tenure Guidelines, which further clarify the types and level of importance of activities that count toward promotion within specific fields. Please note that the list is not arranged alphabetically by department/program and is instead arranged chronologically by adoption.

If your department has not adopted unit-specific guidelines, then you will use the CBA Article 23, Promotions for Instructors and Lecturers, or Article 24, Promotions for Clinical Faculty, which outline the promotion process and eligibility for faculty who are applying for promotion.

V: Review sample narratives (Teaching, Research, & Service)

The purpose of this resource is to provide non-tenure track faculty who will pursue promotion with examples of CVs and teaching and service narratives from faculty contributors who were successful in their promotion applications. The Office of Faculty Excellence is grateful to our colleagues who generously provided their samples. While the purpose of this resource is to aid faculty who will apply for promotion, it is important to note that these materials are examples, not a guarantee of success through the application process. It is incumbent on each faculty member to create a full dossier that demonstrates their excellence and meritorious work in teaching and service.

Note: You will need to sign in via SharePoint to access the sample dossiers.


We appreciate any notes or feedback you would like to share. The resources and links above are non-exhaustive, and we continue to develop more materials. If you have questions or suggestions, please reach out to Dr. David MacKinnon or Dr. Juliana Leding.

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Fellow | NTTF Advancement
Associate Instructor, Department of English
Director, Writing Center
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