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Office of Faculty Excellence

Faculty Writing Group

Do you need accountability to prepare your tenure dossier? Do you struggle to find time each week to work on your projects? 

If so, then welcome to the Faculty Writing Group! The Faculty Writing Group is a multi-disciplinary group of interested instructors and professors who wish to bolster their research productivity and enhance their writing practices through accountability and motivation from their peers.  

Core Principles

The Faculty Writing Group will provide accountability, support, and structure to help all interested faculty with their own research and writing goals. Faculty Writing Group Members will meet weekly to discuss the practice and habit of writing and encourage each other's writing goals. 

Please note: This group is not a collaborative research group. Faculty will work on their own individual projects and rely on peers only for accountability and support. 


How to Participate

Interested faculty should sign up via this Qualtrics link. There is no deadline to register, and faculty can join at any time.

Faculty will then commit to attend at least 10 out of 12 scheduled Faculty Writing Group Sessions and maintain the Faculty Writing Group Spreadsheet each week. If a faculty member cannot attend a weekly writing session because of conference travel or an emergency, he or she should reach out to Rachel Riggs or post on Teams as soon as possible.  


Faculty members with questions can email Dr. Rachel E. Riggs, Assistant Professor of Public Relations in the School of Communication (  


What to Expect

First Meeting

During the first meeting, each writing group member will discuss and brainstorm three realistic writing goals for the semester using SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Time) goals guidelines. These writing goals can be as small or as complex as needed, and these writing goals can be tailored specifically to each professor’s needs.  

Example: WG1: I will revise four book chapters for my edited book by the deadline March 12. Chapter 1 revisions are due by the end of the month, Chapter 2 revisions are due by Feb 14, Chapter 3 revisions are due by the end of February, and Chapter 4 revisions are due March 12.

Weekly Meetings

During each weekly scheduled writing group, the group will spend the first 15 minutes discussing writing goals for the next two hours and for the week. Then, those connecting online can log out of the Microsoft Teams videocall to work independently, and those in-person can work independently in the room.  

At 2:50 p.m., all participants will rejoin the writing group, either through the Microsoft Teams videocall or in the room itself. We will then debrief and share our progress and dismiss by 3:00 p.m.  

What’s in it for you

Meet great new colleagues around campus.

Accomplish some of your scholarly goals.

The Office of Faculty Excellence will host a lunch for all Faculty Writing Group Members at the end of the semester.  


Rachel RiggsRachel Riggs

Fellow | Faculty Writing Group

Assistant Professor, School of Communication