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Academic and Student Affairs
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Academic and Student Affairs Divisional Budget

The Academic and Student Affairs Divisional Budget Team provides leadership, administrative, and technical support in the development, implementation, and oversight of the various budgets and funding sources within Academic and Student Affairs. The Team follows the processes and timelines set forth by the University Office of Planning and Budget.

Our mission is to assist colleges, departments, and leaders across our Division in developing a financial plan that effectively allocates resources in support of strategic goals, providing timely and accurate data for management of such resources. The Team maintains policies and processes that promote fiscal stewardship and accountability, and monitors compliance with State and University rules in matters pertaining to resource allocation and budget reporting.

Each unit within Academic and Student Affairs is assigned a budget liaison who works with the unit’s dean/director and their staff to provide budget management services.

The Divisional Budget Team is well-rounded and diverse in terms of experience and credentials. The Team is poised to meet current and future Divisional needs, and utilizes technology to increase efficiency, productivity, and collaboration. In addition, each budget liaison has been cross-trained to enable continuous coverage of essential functions.

Contact Us

John Kantner

Senior Associate Provost and Associate Vice President for Research
(904) 620-2700

Christine Malek Richard

Associate Vice President
(904) 620-3983

Anne Hoover

Director of Budget and Personnel
(904) 620-2711

Jennifer Nabors

Associate Director, Academic Support Services
(904) 620-1270

Dawn Knipe

Assistant Director, Budget and Personnel
(904) 620-1617