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Academic and Student Affairs

Student Affairs Community Council


To develop community linkages which support and advance the mission of the University of North Florida and the Academic Affairs Division by recognizing and valuing the needs of student life through community solutions in terms of financial, intellectual, strategic and relationship support.


The Student Affairs Community Council provides direct and effective communication between external constituencies and the University of North Florida. Addressing the diverse needs of students, the Council provides opportunities to invest in and support the UNF community and programs.

Student Affairs Community Council Members

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Council Initiatives

plaque at the ogier garden
Frederick and Ophelia Tate Ogier Gardens: Partnering with UNF's Student Health Services, the Ogier Gardens are the epicenter of innovative environmental and public health programming.
walrus sculpture at the beach park
Seaside Sculpture Park: In collaboration with the Student Affairs Community Council, MountainStar Capital, and the Lazzara Family, UNF is able to offer students once in a lifetime opportunities to display their art at Jacksonville Beach.
bird sculpture at the Lufrano museum

Lufrano Intercultural Gallery: The Lufrano Intercultural Gallery offers high caliber art exhibits and educational programs for students, faculty, and staff through presenting art works that represent social issues and UNF's values.

crowd shot at the student union
Student Affairs Community Council Scholarships: Each year, the Student Affairs Community Council provides scholarships to assist students in great financial need. These scholarships allow students to achieve academic success without additional financial burden.
student union walkway
Pavers: The Osprey Plaza paver project was launched in 2008 to create a way for students, alumni, parents, faculty, staff and friends of the University of North Florida to leave a lifelong legacy. Go to UNF: Osprey Plaza Pavers to leave your mark at UNF!