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Academic and Student Affairs

Textbook Adoption, Affordability and Transparency

Florida Senate Bill 7044 has amended Section 1004.085 of the Florida Statutes to stipulate that “the lists of required and recommended textbooks and instructional materials must:

  • Be posted as early as is feasible but at least 45 days before the first day of class for each term.
  • Remain posted for at least 5 academic years.
  • Be searchable by the course subject, the course number, the course, title, the name of the instructor of the course, the title of each assigned textbook or instructional material, and each author of an assigned textbook or instructional material. And
  • Be easily downloadable by current and prospective students.

In addition, for all Florida Core General Education courses, course syllabi containing the course curriculum; the goals, objectives, and student expectations; and how student performance will be measured must also be posted.

To access UNF’s Textbook Transparency Dashboard, please click here or the image below

textbook transparency dashboard with graphs and someone pointing at a tablet

Faculty and departments are required to submit their textbook adoptions by the posted date below, so students have this information when planning their schedules.  Textbook information helps students better balance their course loads based on reading requirements and plan for their financial needs, including purchasing books. Timely posting of textbook requirements has the strong support of the student body, and it is a requirement in the Florida Statutes. For a broader perspective on textbook affordability, follow this link:  

Textbook Adoption Deadlines

Please have all textbook adoptions submitted to the UNF Bookstore via the Follett Discover Textbook Adoption tool according to the following standardized deadlines:

  • Spring semester - due by October 15 each year
  • Summer semester (A, B, and C) - due by March 15 each year
  • Fall semester - due by April 15 each year

ATTENTION: If you plan to forgo any textbooks for a course, you are still required to complete the textbook adoption form and indicate that “no text is required.”

Textbook Affordability

UNF is committed to raising awareness of textbook affordability issues and engages in Textbook Affordability Initiatives that promote the use of affordable and high-quality course materials, such as:

Additional Resources

For more information or assistance with the textbook adoption submission process, contact the Follett Discover administrator at 620-1252 (email or - the UNF Bookstore Administrators Alyssa Spencer ( or Michael DiNapoli (