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Strategic Plan 2023-28

Soaring Higher Together

Institutional Aspirations:

The University of North Florida will become a Top 100 Public University as ranked in U.S. News & World Report by 2028. 

The University of North Florida will strategically grow to an enrollment of 25,000 students by 2028.


At the University of North Florida, we ignite a passion for learning and discovery through transformational education in a supportive environment that leads students to rewarding careers and lifelong success. Our beautiful campus is a hub for talent development, relevant research and community engagement, where we enrich lives and fuel the economic and overall prosperity of Northeast Florida and beyond.

Soaring Higher Together Strategic Plan 2023-2028


The University of North Florida
will be the destination
of choice for talent and
for public and private investment.


  • Accountability
  • Integrity
  • Excellence
  • Civility
  • Culture of Care


Priority 1: Ensure Student Success from Enrollment to Employment and Beyond

two nursing students in a stimulation abGoals:

Achieve intentional high-quality strategic enrollment to establish UNF as a destination of choice for talented students from diverse backgrounds.

Strengthen student engagement and ignite Osprey Pride and sense of belonging to help students thrive socially and academically by implementing support services, campus life programming and civil discourse initiatives aligned with the Florida Board of Governor’s Statement of Free Expression.

Elevate academic excellence through experimental learning and civic engagement to ensure students are prepared for career success, possess adaptable skills and will make meaningful contributions to society.

Accelerate employment opportunities to prepare every graduate to ultimately contribute towards the economic prosperity of Northeast Florida and beyond.

Key Initiatives to Achieve Goals

  • Implement an integrated enrollment management strategy that engages academic units and regional industries to achieve enrollment targets in undergraduate, graduate and noncredit programs to fuel a talent pipeline that meets workforce demands.

  • Establish initiatives to ensure that all students have access to coordinated and scaled high-impact practices (e.g., entrepreneurial projects; student research; global or sociocultural learning; internship; career and professional experiences; leadership opportunities and community-based learning) to strengthen the academic experience.

  • Reduce barriers to student academic success across academic units through continuous improvement of high-quality learning experiences for students, intentional course scheduling designed for student progression to degree and flexible offerings that prepare students of all ages to contribute to the creative and economic vitality of the region and beyond.

  • Enhance resources to foster student engagement and a sense of belonging by improving student-centric campus spaces and facilities designed to increase comfort and connection while implementing programs
    to nourish the health and well-being of every student.

  • Launch centralized initiatives in partnership with academic divisions, alumni, industries and community partners to diversify career advancement programs leading to successful job placement and professional growth.

Priority 2: Inspire Relevant Research and Impactful Innovation

three students on a fishing boat posingGoals:

Expand impactful and relevant research, scholarship and creative activity (RSCA) to position UNF for R1 (very high research activity) Carnegie status.

Become a key contributor to the NE Florida entrepreneurial and innovation ecosystem.

Increase number of innovative research doctoral degree programs that serve the strategic growth of UNF and NE Florida.

Key Initiatives to Achieve Goals

  • Implement campus-wide flexible workload guidelines to maximize faculty RSCA contributions.

  • Launch a cluster-hiring initiative to recruit new faculty who can significantly contribute towards RSCA and new degree programs in the Areas of Strategic Focus.

  • Institute a multi-year initiative to invest new resources in infrastructure needed to enhance RSCA capacities in Areas of Strategic Focus.

  • Establish infrastructure and resources dedicated to assisting faculty and students in creating, protecting and licensing innovative new technologies.

Priority 3: Expand Mutually Beneficial Partnerships with the Community

jea event on campus with someone at a laptopGoals:

Strengthen existing community partnerships, and build new ones, to boost economic, social and cultural development.

Expand the opportunities for the community to be engaged in campus activities that showcase the University’s contributions to the region and state, and establish UNF as an intellectual hub and athletics destination.

Institutionalize community engagement throughout the University using the Carnegie Elective Community Engagement Classification as a framework.

Key Initiatives to Achieve Goals

  • Establish an economic development unit that serves as a point of contact for companies, agencies and other institutions interested in engaging with the University for their workforce and RSCA needs.

  • Develop new programs such as UNF+ Pathways that enhance the University’s role in fulfilling the lifelong educational and professional development needs of the Northeast Florida community.

  • Create organizational infrastructure both to expand on-campus events available to the public and to ensure that these are fully leveraged to communicate a shared message about the value of the University to Northeast Florida.

Priority 4: Accelerate the Success of Faculty and Staff

two employees holding up certficates at an eventGoals:

Recruit and retain the top talent for all UNF employee positions. 

Foster high levels of job satisfaction among all UNF employees. 

Diversify and grow revenues to support UNF’s strategic growth while maintaining employee job satisfaction.

Key Initiatives to Achieve Goals

  • Develop a comprehensive multi-year plan to address issues in market equity, compression and inversion across all employee categories while also rewarding meritorious performance.

  • Create professional development pathways for faculty and staff across all employee categories.

  • Develop new initiatives to foster a culture of care that promotes empathy and respect for all employees and enhances employee health and well-being.

  • Implement new revenue streams through Continuing Education and other auxiliary programs and services.


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