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Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan 2020-25


Guiding Philosophy

The guiding philosophy behind UNF’s strategic plan embraces the following principles, among others: 

Student Centered





Goodness and Morality

Uniquely UNF

Three UNF students on a boardwalk talking and surrounded by nature

Strategic Goal

University of national prominence and distinction with North Florida as our catalyst and student success as our mantra.


Our student-centered mission is to create the next generation of thinkers, leaders, and problem solvers with the unique knowledge and experience to positively impact the world.


We will be the higher education nexus where diverse students, faculty, and organizations from around the world collaborate and creatively innovate for the advancement of society.

Institutional Values

We achieve excellence in all we do; we are an institution of uncompromising character; we lead with humility, humanity, and integrity.


We do the right thing for the right reason at the right time.


We treat everyone with kindness; we are informed by the perspectives of others; and we draw strength from our differences.


We are responsible for how the outcomes of our actions affect others and our environment.


We harness creativity and talent to turn challenges into opportunities and problems into solutions in a uniquely UNF way.

Strategic Map to Greatness

Top (100) Public University
SUS Metrics | Student Well-Being | Student Engagement
Student Success
of Prominence
Healthcare | Logistics | Water (Coastal Initiatives) | Technology (STEM)
Research | Teaching | Service | Athletics
Student Experience
Research, Scholarship, and Creative
Professional Environment
Community and Business Engagement
Organizational Effectiveness
Core Values
Integrity | Respect | Accountability | Innovation


Goal-Based Framework for Student Success

Student Success is created by student experience, community & business engagement, transforming research, scholarships & creative activity, and professional development, all through organizational effectiveness

Student Success

Student succeed when they are provided with the tools and opportunities to make the most of their experience, enabling them to reach and exceed their goals.

Goals: Academic and Administrative Excellence 


Faculty research will be of high quality, focusing on publications in respected and premier journals, research grants from prestigious foundations, memberships in leading academies, curations and performances in partnership with prominent organizations, as well as other professional outcomes demonstrating national leadership in one’s field.


Excellence is expected in every teaching effort with a focused approach on the quality of instruction and student success. Each faculty member will demonstrate an ethos of student care, kindness, and mentorship. Experiential learning will be the cornerstone of every classroom experience.


Faculty, staff, and students will engage in a culture of teamwork and continuous improvement, recognizing the role outstanding service to both the university and the community plays in making UNF a university of distinction.


UNF will compete at the highest level for conference, regional, and national championships. Our coaches, staff, and student-athletes will embody integrity and sportsmanship and demonstrate an unwavering commitment to student-athlete well-being and academic success.

Seven UNF Osprey athletes standing together in their uniforms and smiling

Goals: Student Experience

Experiential Learning

Lead the nation in experiential learning by offering innovative academic programs of relevance augmented by community-based learning, study abroad activities, student-faculty research experiences, practicums, and internships.

Precision Advising, Counseling, and Teaching

Offer students a holistic, personalized experience to ensure a smooth transition to college, sustained academic progress, and timely graduation and career placement success.

Student Well-Being

Promote the health and well-being of our students by providing both needed services and an enviroment that fosters physical and emotional resilience.

Osprey Pride

Create a culture of Osprey Pride in all UNF activities on campus and beyond.

Cultural and Social Opportunities

Provide distinctive educational, cultural, and social opportunities for students by integrating the campus with the surrounding community.

Male professor in a white lab coat working with a female student in a medical lab

Goals: Research, Scholarship, and Creative Activities

Research Reputation

Significantly elevate and transform UNF’s national reputation for research, scholarship, and creative activity to one of excellence associated with high-impact, high-quality publications, exhibitions, awards, and fellowships.

Research Expenditures

Significantly expand research expenditures, elevating UNF’s ranking among universities for expenditures on research and development as measured, for example, in the annual NSF HERD Report.

Graduate, Research Programs

Create transdisciplinary, as well as other relevant discipline specific master’s and doctoral programs in alignment with the Board of Governors’ defined areas of strategic emphasis and UNF’s research strengths.

Carnegie Classification

Achieve at least R2 High Research Activity Status in the Carnegie Classification of Institutions of Higher Learning.

UNF Professor outside in a UNF t-shirt with lab equipment

Goals: Professional Development

Workforce Composition

Attract and retain a vibrant and diverse group of faculty and staff who reflect the society in which we live, further seeking to create a culture of collaboration where resources are shared to maximize impact.

Professional Development

Provide a breadth of professional development and training activities to ensure faculty growth and relevancy. This includes mentoring faculty and staff into positions of increased service leadership to enhance both their role in the success of the institution and our practice of shared governance.


Establish norms for performance evaluations that provide clear, consistent, and honest feedback on efforts; rewarding and recognizing where people excel and constructively identifying areas for improvement.

Female professor in a white lab inside a scientific lab with a student looking at a worksheet

Goals: Community and Business Engagement

Inspire Service

Encourage community service engagement among all students through participation in community-based learning experiences, voluntary service, or other appropriate forms as part of UNF’s commitment to its Carnegie Classification for Community Engagement.

Experiential Learning

Engage every student with community partners through either a curricular or co-curricular program activity (e.g., practicum, internship, research) prior to graduation.

Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

Achieve formal recognition for strength in applied research in community settings and with private sector partners as part of UNF’s key role in the statewide entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Male student in a lab surrounded by engineering equipment and machines

Goals: Organizational Effectiveness

Financial Resources

Seek monetary support through the UNF Foundation, government sources, and private sector to support innovative academic programs, research, facilities, and student scholarships.


Transform technology across the entire enterprise to meet the current and future needs of the university and its constituents. Maximize efficiency across units by optimizing resource allocation, organizational structures, and streamlining workflows to accommodate a five year enrollment target of 20K students.

Marketing and Communication

Develop a unified brand strategy, consistent visual identity, and successful media deployment to elevate UNF’s reputation as a world-class brand. Include an internal communication strategy that informs the campus community and promotes a culture of engagement and collaboration.

UNF Osprey Fountain with greenery in the background

Areas of University Distinction

Matching Competencies to Needs, Students to Jobs

UNF Student Promise

Female UNF student in an engineering lab connecting wires to a piece of technology

With students as its focus, UNF will pursue UNIQUE approaches to: 

Experiential Learning

Precision Advising, Counseling, and Teaching

Faculty Engagement, Student Research

Character Development, Problem-Solving

Graduate School Pathways

Continue to Produce Graduates to Support Florida's Future Talent Needs