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Housing and Residence Life

Summer B Move-Out Information


Summer B/C is already approaching the end. We wanted to remind you of a few things before you finish this semester!

ALL RESIDENTS must be moved out of their Summer 2022 B/C assignment within 24-hours of their last final or no later than 3:00 p.m. on Friday, August 5, whichever comes first. All residents, must be moved out by that point and will not be permitted to return to the space. 

If you are a GRADUATING SENIOR participating in the graduation ceremony, you must be moved out of your Summer 2022 B/C assignment no later than 12 noon on Saturday, August 6th, 2022, or by noon, the day after your graduation ceremony.

24/7 Quiet Hours will begin Friday, July 29 at 5 p.m. and will continue until 12 noon on Saturday, August 6.

Before Departing From Summer B/C

  • Remove all personal belongings. Be sure to check all drawers, cabinets, behind furniture, closets, desks, under furniture, etc.  
  • Remove all trash from your room and dispose in the appropriate dumpsters. Do not throw away room trash in the small trash bins around the community. Do not leave trash in hallways, stairwells, elevators, common areas, etc.  
  • Clean fish tanks and take fish home. 
  • Clean and defrost your mini fridge (if you brought one). Take your mini fridge with you.  
  • Determine cleaning plan with your roommate(s), if applicable. 
  • Clean all surfaces, floors, walls, furniture, fixtures, appliances, etc. in your space. Please refer to the move out bulletin board for additional information about what “cleaning” means or visit the move out website. 
  • Return furniture to its original configuration. 
  • Close windows, lock windows, and close blinds. 
  • Set thermostat to appropriate level as discussed in your closing floor meeting and on the move-out bulletin boards.
  • Turn off all lights. 
  • Lock your door.  

In order to check out properly, please follow these steps:

  1. Remove all belongs from your space
  2. Clean all of your space thoroughly 
  3. Retrieve your mail from your mailbox and packages from your desk.
  4. Visit any of our 3 welcome desks (Osprey Clubhouse, Osprey Fountains, or Flats at UNF) to complete checkout. 

***Failure to check out properly may result in an improper checkout fee


Intersession is the period between the Summer 2022 housing contract ending and the Fall 2022 housing contract beginning (August 5th – August 19th). 

Intersession this Summer will be in Osprey Hall starting August 5th. Students participating in intersession must be prepared to move between August 3rd – 5th to Osprey Hall, then be prepared to move to their Fall location on August 16th -17th. 

To be eligible for Intersession housing, you must be a current upper-class resident for Summer 2022, have an AY 2022-2023 assignment, AND be current on Summer 2022 rent payments. First Year students are not eligible for intersession. Any student staying for intersession is required to remain on campus throughout the break period.

For additional information, including cost and moving timeline please visit our forms page or contact the housing front office by emailing

Any questions regarding room conditions, how to properly move-out, and the process for move-out will be shared with you by our Residence Life staff in the coming weeks. During this period, you can expect to have closing floor meetings for each residential area and closing information bulletin boards will be posted for your reference.

Any questions regarding your move-out date should be directed to the housing office. You may contact the housing office at 904 620 4663 or by emailing us at


Housing and Residence Life staff may enter resident spaces during and after Summer Closing in order to ensure residents have vacated the space, to inspect the condition of the space, and to conduct routine maintenance. Damages, cleanliness concerns, and/or failure to vacate the space properly may result in financial charges and/or referral to the Housing Conduct and/or Student Conduct process with the Dean of Students Office.