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Housing and Residence Life

Music Living-Learning Community

 music living-learning community logo

We are excited to announce the launch of a new community available for 2019-2020! The purpose of the Music LLC is to foster a musically immersive and creative living and learning environment that fosters meaningful peer and faculty connections that support students transition to UNF.

Eligibility & Course Requirements:  

  • Enrolled as a music major (i.e., Music Performance, Music Education, Music Technology, and Jazz for Instrumentalists and Vocalists)
  • First-year student
  • Complete the Housing Contract & LLC Application (through MyHousing portal)
  • Live in Osprey Cove with the Music LLC
  • Support/Attend Living-Learning Community events and programs

Learning Outcomes for Participants:

  • Encourage spontaneous musical creativity and collaborations between students, utilizing skills developed in programs, courses, and events
  • Establish meaningful social connections and support systems among students who have an interest in music
  • Interact closely with faculty and staff from the UNF School of Music
  • Participate in programs and events that connect in-class and out-of-class musical experiences and knowledge
  • Initiate an environment where students can build their musical identity and network with other students from different musical disciplines
  • Foster meaningful student dialogue about music – performance, composition, analytical, & recreational
  • Support transition to college and retain as a UNF student

Partners & Who to Contact:

The Music LLC is a partnership with Housing and Residence Life and the School of Music

Erin Bodnar

Assistant Professor of Music, Director of Bands

Sheresa Divens

Assistant Director of Residential Academic Initiatives, Housing and Residence Life

Amy Lorenz

Director of Residence Life, Housing and Residence Life