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Coggin College of Business

Messages from the Dean

A Message from the Dean, Dr. Richard Buttimer

November 1

Dear Colleague, 

I’d like to take a moment to acknowledge some outstanding new personnel additions to the College. Frankly, in my view, the entire University of North Florida community benefits from these new members, though we here at the Coggin College of Business feel particularly fortunate.  

As UNF celebrates our 50th anniversary this year, I’m proud to introduce four new faculty members joining us for the 2022-2023 academic year. They all bring a wealth of expertise and experience in business education and academic scholarship. Our new personnel additions are: 

Dr. Lei Gao

Assistant Professor of Accounting & Finance
Dr. Gao joins us at the Coggin College of business following several years of academic excellence at the University of Akron.

Dr. Aakrit Joshi

Assistant Professor of Economics
Dr. Joshi comes to the College after earning his Ph.D. at the University of New Mexico. He has a stellar list of accomplishments and scholarships.

Dr. William Montford

Assistant Professor of Marketing
Dr. Montford joins us after earning his Ph.D. in marketing at Florida State University. Dr. Montford brings a biography loaded with research projects.

Dr. Inga Timmerman

Assistant Professor of Accounting & Finance
While Dr. Timmerman earned her Ph.D. from Florida Atlantic University in 2013, she’s developed a distinguished career as an author in the fields of finance and financial planning, and is a certified financial planner. 


The experience and scholarly pursuits demonstrated by these new faculty members makes me marvel at the continued success of the Coggin College of Business. Welcome to our new professors.


Dean Buttimer signatureRichard J. Buttimer Jr., Ph.D. 
Dean, Coggin College of Business 
University of North Florida

  • September 22

    A Message from the Dean, Dr. Richard Buttimer

    September 22

    Dear Colleague, 

    Returning to the University of North Florida campus for fall semester this year proved the institution is more vibrant than ever. We have more incoming students now compared to any other year and your support plays no small part in our growth at UNF and the Coggin College of Business.  

    The 2023 UNF fall enrollment has brought 3,100 incoming freshmen, its largest freshman class in university history. The Coggin College of Business has 523 freshmen joining the college. That’s a 57% increase over 2021 and to put it in context, our incoming freshmen figure is up over the 2019 and 2018 freshmen numbers at the Coggin College before the COVID-19 outbreak when we had 311 and 317 incoming freshmen respectively.  

    The astounding growth is not just limited to freshmen. The overall enrollment for Coggin College of Business is 3,077 students with 2,562 undergraduates and 515 graduate students.
    In 2022 alone, the College launched the Women in Business and the Diversity in Business programs. Both initiatives have resulted in supporting students with mentorships, real-world experience, and business access along with consideration for those seeking a safe space while pursuing their professional careers.  

    Those impressive additions to the Coggin College of Business come after the Princeton Review ranked our college as having one of the best graduate programs in the United States. It’s the 15th consecutive year Princeton Review has placed the Coggin College of Business on that list.  

    Meanwhile, all of our progress comes while the University is celebrating its 50th anniversary, which allows us all to reflect on what UNF has given to us and, more importantly, what we have given to the university. Our half-century mark was crowned by receiving the R2 Doctoral University High Research Activity designation from the Carnegie Classification of Institutions of Higher Learning. 

    Adding to the excitement on campus, UNF has a new president. Dr. Moez Limayem officially took office as UNF’s seventh president on August 1 and is fast at work connecting with various parts of our community.
    You are a valuable part of our College family. We continue to build upon our solid foundation with the help of your contributions and I thank you for investing in the future of the Coggin College of Business.
    With deep gratitude and best regards,
    Richard J. Buttimer Jr., Ph.D. 
    Dean, Coggin College of Business 
    University of North Florida
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