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Alumni Spotlight

Welcome to the Sociology, Anthropology, and Social Work Alumni Spotlight where we celebrate the accomplishments of our graduates. If you are a Sociology, Anthropology, or Social Work alum, we would love to hear from you! Please complete the following survey to update us on your current achievements and to stay in touch: Alumni Contact Form


Head shot of Mason Brown

My name is Mason Brown, and I am a high school social studies teacher. When I initially decided to major in sociology at UNF, I wanted an option that would allow me to succeed in a diverse set of career paths—and sociology has done just that.  The lessons I learned in my sociology courses gave me the tools I have used to succeed both in business and as a classroom teacher. Concepts ranging from social interaction to international development and skills such as data analysis and problem-solving have been the foundation for my careers.  Majoring in sociology at UNF didn’t just prepare me for the workforce but also for graduate school. The faculty and research opportunities the department offered helped me gain admission to multiple top graduate programs and to thrive as a graduate student at Harvard University. 

Head shot of Shira Diamond

My name is Shira Diamond (she/her), and I currently work as a Budget Analyst for the State of Maryland and as the Lead Administrator for Coastal Service Dogs. I majored in sociology to gain quantitative and qualitative skills while also allowing me to have an in-depth understanding of how human actions and beliefs are shaped by cultural and social influences. After graduating from UNF, I earned a Master’s of Public Policy. Today, I still utilize the skills I learned as a sociology student to conduct analysis of current bills, analyze data sets, make data-driven decisions, and understand and meet the complex needs of stakeholders.  I believe that obtaining a sociology degree provides individuals with a variety of skills that can be utilized in a vast array of careers and can be particularly beneficial for people who are interested in building upon their degree either through additional degrees or with certifications.

Head shot of Ty McDonald

My name is Ty McDonald, and I am currently an Account Manager for a Fire protection company.  Sociology has taken me many awesome places. I was able to study abroad in many countries. When I finished school, I became an internal auditor for FIS (a giant financial technology company). Then I moved into an account manager role within the recruiting industry, and since then I have moved into another account manager position.  I think that sociology is drastically underrated….The skills you will have upon graduating include statistical analysis, communication, writing, reading, critical thinking, and an understanding of the world that will without a doubt increase your overall quality of life in and out of the workforce.

Head shot of Shannon Terrell

My name is Shannon Terrell, and I work as a City Planner in an inner-ring suburb of the Denver Metro Area.  In my day to day, I deal with major social issues from equity to housing to homelessness (to name a few). I create local policy through planning documents, and I implement those plans through local, state, or federal funds or grant dollars, and partnerships with local service providers. I chose sociology because I was passionate about understanding complex community issues and I chose urban planning because I wanted to make a change in my local community through action.  Majoring in sociology has opened many opportunities for me in my career and I am thankful for that time at UNF immensely. The faculty helped to shape the person I am and guided me in choosing the right career fit for me. 

Head shot of Anastasia Wright

My name is Anastasia Wright, and I currently work as a Social Media Specialist for Wesleyan University. Sociology taught me everything I needed to know about research. In my current role, I do a lot of market research, data analysis, and quantitative and qualitative research. If I were to re-do undergrad, I would 100% choose to major in Sociology all over again because the courses taught me information I needed for the workforce and the faculty were supportive always pushing me to learn more and keep going.


Head shot of Robin McNeil

I am Robin McNeil, and I earned my Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Anthropology in 2023. I am thrilled to announce that I have been accepted by Florida State University into their highly competitive Master of Arts in Information program. While earning my BA, I worked with my UNF professors on several projects outside of class, including qualitative research on various sociocultural configurations, linguistic studies, and the use of virtual reality as a teaching tool in anthropology. After completing my master's, I plan to pursue a Ph.D. and a career as a special collections librarian and Chinese translator.

Head shot of Enderna Macsime

My name is Enderna Macsime, and I earned my Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology in 2023.   I am delighted to share that I've been admitted into Syracuse University's rigorous Master of Science in Library and Information Science program with a School Media Specialization. During my undergraduate studies, I collaborated with professors on extracurricular projects, notably a qualitative research endeavor examining the role of language in shaping college student identities within sociocultural frameworks. I also advocated for minority students by using the tools I learned in my anthropology courses. Upon completion of my Master’s degree, I plan on pursuing a career as a New York School Librarian.

Social Work

Head shot of Haiden Baier, MSW, LCSW

My name is Haiden Baier, MSW, LCSW (he/they), and I am working as the Director of Mental Health Services and Programs at JASMYN, a local LGBTQ+ youth nonprofit, and I am an adjunct at UNF.  I also volunteer with the Transcending Adolescence, which focuses on building up resilience and coping skills for transgender and gender diverse youth. Having an LGBTQ+ Social Work class in my MSW program really prepared me for life after graduation working with the LGBTQ+ community, and the support from the professors throughout my program was integral to my success both in the program and now as a professional working in the field.

Head shot of Christen Broxson, MSW

I am Christen Broxson, MSW, and I'm currently employed as a Case Manager in the Cardiology/Cardiothoracic Surgery Department at UF Health. As a Case Manager and core member of the inpatient treatment team, I assist patients with developing and implementing safe discharge plans through assessments, continuous problem solving and patient advocacy practices. UNF's MSW program allowed me to build my foundational social work skills to enter a field I had no experience in with confidence and competency. I am forever grateful for the incredibly experienced and supportive faculty that allowed me to get where I am today (less than a year away from being an LCSW!).

Head shot of Tyler Seymour

My name is Tyler Seymour, and I am a fairly recent UNF Master of Social Work graduate. I walked the halls of UNF’s Social Work program with an open heart and mind just a few years ago. In doing so, I learned many truths about myself, my community, and our society at large. This process made me a less assuming, more in tuned and awakened individual. I was inspired to look within, towards myself, which I believe serves those I have worked with since. Today, I am working towards my License and have found passion in searching for various evidence-based techniques to help those who struggle with substance use and mental health issues.

Head shot of Lesley-Ann Vickerie, MSW, LCSW

My name is Lesley-Ann Vickerie, MSW, LCSW, and I am a Creative Therapist with Miami Speech Institute’s Art Therapy Program. I provide individual therapy to diverse population subgroups and assist them with finding healthy ways to communicate, process, and cope with life challenges. Being a part of the UNF Social Work Cohort class of 2020 helped me to not only develop the skill set to strive as a Clinical Social Worker, but also develop the confidence to step out of the norm and merge my passion for creative expression into my interventions used as a therapist. Remember that social work is multifaceted, if you see a need, then make your own lane.