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Current Course Information

The following list represents our Spring 2023 course offerings; for the full range of courses offered in the Religious Studies program, please consult the Undergraduate Course Descriptions in the UNF Catalog.

Major Requirements:

REL 2300 (CD) Comparative Religion

  • Denison, MW 9:00-10:15am
  • Ingersoll, DL online 

SYO 4200 Sociology of Religion, Phillips, W 6:00-8:45pm

REL 4910 Senior Capstone, Lukens-Bull, TR 1:40-2:55pm

Major Electives:

  • REL 3111 Religion and Film, Denison, DL online
  • REL 3148 Religion and Violence, Ingersoll, MW 1:30-2:45
  • REL 3930 ST: Sex and God, Treyz, TR 10:30-12:05
  • REL 3303 Comparative Muslim Cultures, Lukens-Bull, TR 1:40-2:55
  • REL 3340 Introduction to Buddhism, Mattice, MW 4:30-5:45
  • REL 3405 Jewish and Islamic Thought, Carelli, MW 3:00-4:15

Special Topics Descriptions:

REL 3930 ST History of Religion: Sex and God

Religion concerns all aspects of human life: birth, death, food, power, wealth, and sex. This course examines how sexual taboos and practices help structure and maintain a community and how they share features with these other types of social and ritual practices. We will examine how religions, including Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, an dBuddhism have used proscriptions and prescriptions about sex and gender to determine who has power, how gender is enacted, how genders interact, reproduction, family structures, marriage, and celibacy.