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College of Arts and Sciences
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Jewish Studies Minor

Affiliated Faculty 

Dr. Paul Carelli, Associate Professor, Philosophy

Dr. Charles E. Closmann, Associate Professor, History

Dr. Brandi Denison, Associate Professor, Program Director, Religious Studies

Dr. Philip Kaplan, Associate Professor, History

Dr. Patrick Nolan, Adjunct Professor, History

Dr. Chris Rominger, Assistant Professor, History

Dr. David Sheffler, Associate Professor, Department Chair, History

Dr. Mary Treyz, Adjunct Professor, Religious Studies

Jewish Studies Minor Requirements

The religious studies minor requires five courses in Jewish Studies, including two required courses:  Religion as Culture (REL 3102), and either REL 3630, American Judaism or PHH 3201, Jewish and Islamic Philosophy, as well as three additional courses from the following list:

ASH 3200: Ancient Near East (3 Credits)
ASH 3201: Ancient Israel (3 Credits)
ASH 3223: Middle East (3 Credits)
REL 3213: Hebrew Bible/Old Testament (3 Credits)
REL 3932: Special Topics: Judaism (3 Credits)
REL 4937: Advanced Special Topics: Judaism (3 Credits)
INR 3153: U.S. Mideast Policy (3 Credits)
EUH 3120: Medieval Europe (3 Credits)
EUH 3124: The Crusades (3 Credits)
EUH 3241: The Holocaust (3 Credits)
EUH 3312: History of Spain (3 Credits)
EUH 3465: Nazi Germany (3 Credits)

NOTE: REL 3102 (required for the minor) is only offered in the fall.