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Religious Studies Major and Minor Requirements

Religious Studies Major Requirements

The religious studies major requires 120 credit hours, with 30 hours in religious studies. Students are required to take four courses: Comparative Religion (REL 2300); Religion as Culture (REL 3102); Religion: Theory and Method (REL 3040); and the Senior Seminar Capstone (REL 4910). Students can select any upper-level course with an REL designation for the remaining hours. Students are encouraged to participate in a study aboard experience. View the Osprey Map [Course Sequence Guides] to keep on track for graduation. Osprey Maps should be used in consultation with an academic advisor after admission to UNF.

Religious Studies Minor Requirements

The religious studies minor requires five REL courses, including two required courses: Comparative Religion (REL 2300) and Religion as Culture (REL 3102) as well as three additional REL courses. 

NOTE: REL 3102 (required for the major and minor) is only offered in the fall, as is REL 3040 (required for the major). The capstone is only offered in the spring.