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Sigma Tau Delta Honor Society

Sigma Tau Delta is an internationally recognized honors society for students of English, and the University of North Florida Department of English is home to the Alpha Pi Sigma chapter. Both undergraduates and graduate students are encouraged to join. The organization is of particular utility to students who are interested in teaching English or studying English at a more advanced level in postgraduate study.

In the past, Sigma Tau Delta has focused on academically-themed events for its members and other university students. The organization has hosted graduate school FAQ seminars, panel discussions, and miniature paper conferences. Members typically act as ushers for the drama productions put on by the English department. One of the best things about the organization, though, is the way in which its members are able to organize and host whatever events they are interested in. A new executive board is elected each year, and the chapter's goals change as well. The chapter is truly defined by its members and their energetic approach to the study of English.


Members of Sigma Tau Delta are eligible to publish both their creative and scholarly work in the two journals published by Sigma Tau Delta each year. Members are eligible to present papers and other work at the international conference every year.

Interested students are encouraged to contact the faculty advisor.You will be asked to present an unofficial copy of your transcript in order to verify your eligibility for invitation.

Contact Information

Dr. James Beasley

Building 8, Room 2031