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College of Arts and Sciences
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Faculty & Administration


Name Position Email Phone Room Number
Keith Cartwright Department Chair (904) 620-1245 8/2001A
Linda Howell Writing Program Director (904) 620-1259 8/2014A
David MacKinnon Writing Center Director 4/2512
Betsy Nies Graduate Program Coordinator 8/2021
James Roarty Coordinator (904) 620-2273 8/2001B


Name Position Email Phone Room Number
Mark Ari Assistant Professor of Creative Writing (904) 620-1273 8/2035
James Beasley Associate Professor of English 8/2031
Mikayla Beaudrie Associate Instructor 4/2506
Stephan Boka Associate Instructor 8/2055
Keith Cartwright Chair, Professor of English (904) 620-1245 8/2001A
John Chapman Associate Instructor 8/2007
Frederick Dale Associate Instructor 8/2032
Nicholas de Villiers Professor of English and Film 8/2033
Timothy Donovan Associate Professor of English 8/2053
Ash Faulkner Associate Instructor 4/2511
Joseph Flowers Senior Instructor 8/2015
D. Christopher Gabbard Professor of English 8/2023
Laura Heffernan Professor of English 8/2027
Linda Howell Writing Program Director, Assistant Professor of English (904) 620-1259 8/2014A
Tara Kelley Associate Instructor 8/2059
Kadesh Lauridsen Associate Instructor 8/2012
Tru Leverette Hall Professor of English and Africana Studies 8/2003
Jennifer Lieberman Associate Professor of English 8/2003
Clark Lunberry Professor of English 8/2022
David MacKinnon Writing Center Director, Associate Instructor 4/2512
Jason Mauro Associate Professor of English 8/2028
Maureen McCluskey Instructor 8/2056
Alex Menocal Associate Instructor 8/2025
Betsy Nies Associate Professor of English 8/2021
Dorsey Olbrich Instructor 8/2039
Marcus Pactor Associate Instructor 8/2030
Paige Perez Instructor 4/2505
William Pewitt Instructor 8/2011
Kailan Sindelar Assistant Professor of Technical Writing 8/2020
Jeffrey Smith Instructor 8/2016
Jillian Smith Associate Professor of English and Film (904) 620-1257 8/2052
Jessica Stark Assistant Professor of Creative Writing 8/2034
Sara Steffen Instructor 8/2040
Russell Turney Associate Instructor 8/2026
Bart Welling Associate Professor of English (904) 620-1268 8/2029
Michael Wiley Professor of English 8/2024
Jennie Ziegler Associate Instructor 8/2014B

Emeritus Faculty

Name Position Email Phone Room Number
Mary Baron Emeritus Professor of English
Richard Bizot Emeritus Professor of English
Marnie Jones Emeritus Professor of English
A. Samuel Kimball Emeritus Professor of English
William Slaughter Emeritus Professor of English
Allen Tilley Emeritus Professor of English