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DNA molecules and science animations
DNA molecules wrapped around cells
Neurons bounding about

Welcome to the Biomedical Sciences Program

The Biomedical Sciences Program at the Department of Biology in the College of Arts & Sciences is a new cross-disciplinary initiative within UNF. Partnerships with hospitals, research institutes, biotech industry and other universities are projected. The research conducted by faculty in the program contributes to fields such as biotechnology, bioinformatics, drug discovery, genomics and healthcare. Major research themes revolve around aging and neuroscience, biocomputing and healthcare, biomedicine and drug discovery.


Mission Statement

The UNF Biomedical Sciences Program is a university-wide interdisciplinary program designed to support and promote biomedical research initiatives and students enrolled in biomedically-related fields of study. The Program facilitates collaborations between faculty from different departments and institutions to bring together diverse techniques and ideas for the investigation of a research question, hence producing a broader, more well-rounded perspective on the problem. Students are provided opportunities to conduct research with these interdisciplinary groups and receive specialized advising for pursuing graduate degrees in medical and biomedical fields.


Research in Progress Seminar Series

Friday, September 16 – Dr. Szymon Ciesielski

UNF Department of Chemistry

Molecular Chaperones in Human Health and Disease

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