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Housing and Residence Life

Living-Learning Communities FAQs

  • What is an LLC?
    A living-learning community (LLC) is an organized on-campus living arrangement. Students often taking a common course(s) live in close physical proximity, which increases the opportunities for curricular and co-curricular interactions and supplementary learning opportunities. These communities are intentionally designed opportunities to enhance education by expanding the "classroom" learning environment with the world around you to include your residence, UNF academically and socially, as well as the greater Jacksonville communities.
  • Why should I consider participating in an LLC?

    Benefits to you include:

    • Live and meet people with similar interests and goals
    • Developing a team to support your academic and life initiatives
    • Developing self-awareness and life purpose
    • Maintaining a higher GPA
    • Interacting with professors and staff outside the classroom
    • Involving yourself in meaningful connections with Jacksonville through community-based projects to enhance your resume and set yourself apart from the crowd in the job market
    • Having exclusive access to academic and leadership opportunities such as study aboard and hands-on theory to practice capstone opportunities
    • Influencing social change in the UNF and Jacksonville communities
  • How do LLCs work?
    You connect with students, faculty and staff who have an interest in the LLC program's mission, goals and learning objectives. In general, LLCs provide intentional opportunities for students to engage with other students socially and academically, explore opportunities within and outside of the classroom, and transform the global picture related to your area of career, major or interest. Most programs have a 1-3 credit hour course associated and will have weekly meetings in the residential area to focus their learning and involvement in the community.
  • What is a Learning Community Assistant?
    Learning Community Assistants (LCAs) are upper-class student leaders whose job is to support the Living-Learning Community experience by connecting the LLC students to each other, planning events around the communities’ focus, and working closely with faculty and staff associated with their LLC to bridge the academic and living environments. LCAs usually share similar interests and majors as the LLC students, live on the same floor, and often are alumni of the LLC program themselves.
  • What is the application process for LLCs?
    1. Step 1: Complete a Housing Contract, online through myHousing.
    2. Step 2: Select Living-Learning Community application and explore the available LLCs, including the expectations, agreements and commitments involved.
    3. Step 3: Select interested LLCs and complete the essay components for each
    4. Step 4: Submit the LLC application.
    5. Step 5: Check your UNF Email for acceptance, roommate and room selection information

    Once received, your application will be reviewed by the appropriate LLC advisory council for a decision on admission. You will be notified via your UNF email account regarding your LLC admission status. Each LLC has its own review timeline, but most programs will review applications and begin making application decisions by early March. Admission decisions are for one academic year.

    If you are admitted to an LLC, you will need to identify a roommate and select a room within the appropriate LLC building and floor during LLC room selection. Details regarding room selection will be emailed to you via your UNF email account. 

    If you do not meet the eligibility requirements, or the LLC has reached capacity, your housing assignment will be based on the preferences in your general housing application. 

    If at any point you wish to withdraw an application, or for questions regarding the general housing application, meal plans, payment information, etc., please contact or call 904-620-4663.

  • Are there certain requirements that a student must meet in order to apply?
    Yes, there are certain requirements for students to be accepted into the program. For more details about the programs see the information for each of the communities on our website.
  • Does it cost extra money to be living in an LLC?
    A core experience for participating in a Living-Learning Community is arriving to campus early for a 1-2 day retreat. There is a $50 early move-in fee, which covers meals and other supplies for that experience. Beyond the initial early arrival fee there are no other required costs or fees for participants. However some programs may later decide to have t-shirts and events that may require additional funds but not required.
  • Are there any requirements to participate in the LLC?
    Yes. Most programs ask you to be enrolled in an academic course for at least the Fall and some for the Spring in order to participate with this program. Some of these courses are taught in your own residential area! Be sure to review the program expectations noted in the Community Agreement you will review and sign (if you have not done so already) to continue to be an active member of the community.
  • When is the deadline to apply for LLCs?

    The projected deadline to apply to a Living-Learning Community is:

    • Rising Sophomore and Upper-Class Students - April 1, 2024
    • Incoming First-Year Students - June 4, 2024

    To complete an application you must complete a housing contract first.

  • How selective is the acceptance process?
    It depends on the availability of space in the program. Generally, there is a selection process.
  • How are people selected for the program?
    The program's advisory team determines the students to accept into the program. The advisory team is made up of faculty, staff and students working on the overall mission of the program. To be considered by the advisory team, your application must be completed in full.
  • How will I know if I have been accepted into a program?
    Once you complete the application you will receive a confirmation message. Save this message as a verification of your completed application. Applicants will begin to receive decisions via the email account listed on their application one week after the priority consideration deadline. After that date, applicants will be notified 1-2 weeks after their application is submitted.
  • Where will I live?
    The Living-Learning Community you join will determine which residence hall you will live in. View the Community Comparison table for locations and program capacity information.
  • What if I don’t have a person in mind to room with?

    If you did not know of a person who will be a member of your community, no problem! Feel free to utilize the Housing and Residence Life Roommate Search System to seek out other students within the program.

    *The ability to search for roommates is available in myHousing in the lifestyle preferences section: it's an option that will be available to you after you have submitted a Housing contract.

  • Does everyone that lives in an LLC occupy an entire housing building or does it go by floors?
    It depends on the LLC. Honors Community occupies an entire building - about 150 students. Most of our programs occupy just a floor or house of about 50 students. See our "LLC Quick Reference Sheet" for more details on our website.
  • When is LLC room selection?
    Stay tuned for details on when LLC Room Selection will take place. Information and instructions will be sent to LLC members UNF account. Make sure to participate on this process.
  • Can I live with a non-LLC roommate?
    Yes, if space is available. During LLC Room Selection there is a phase in the process where LLC students can attempt to pull-in a non-LLC roommate into an LLC designated room.
  • What if I can’t pull-in my non-LLC roommate?

    During LLC room selection, if you are unsuccessful at pulling in a non-LLC roommate then you have a choice to make. You can either:

    1. Decide to remain in the LLC and live with another LLC student.
    2. Cancel your LLC status and participate in general room selection.
  • What are important dates I need to know about?
    Check out our important dates webpage. Other important dates can be viewed on the UNF calendar.
  • I have specific questions. Who can I contact?

    For specific LLC related questions, please email or call (904) 620 - 4663.

  • Can I Join an LLC Mid-Year?
    LLCs are designed as a full academic (fall-spring) experience during which students form strong community ties through the orientation, shared class, and social experiences. Therefore, joining mid-year is difficult because students arriving mid-year can have difficulties integrating into an already established group. Additionally, most of the courses that are associated with the communities are only offered in the fall semester, and enrollment in these classes are a core part of the LLC experience. Consideration for joining mid-year is on a case by case basis, and ability to join varies by community.