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LSAT Preparation

The Pre-Law Program offers students advising and assistance with LSAT preparation. Pre-Law advisors meet with students to create productive self-study plans, recommend quality LSAT study resources, emphasize logical reasoning skills, and provide guidance on other common challenges such as test anxiety. LSAT Prep Workshops teach and coach students in specific skills.

The 10-year average UNF LSAT score for all takers across all majors is 147. The average LSAT score among students who worked with a Pre-Law advisor in AY 2016-2017 to develop and maintain a personalized LSAT study plan was 156.

Students interested in law school should begin studying for the LSAT no later than 6 months before their first exam.

Visit UNF Pre-Law's Canvas page for more advice on LSAT preparation

LSAT Self-Study Plans and Materials

The Pre-Law LSAT Resource Center is on permanent reserve in the UNF Library. Current students and alumni may access these materials. 

LSAT resources available to UNF students include:

LSAT preparation books, including the highly recommended LSAT Trainer to start

  • Prep tests (past LSAT exams)
  • LSAT answer and explanation books
  • Logic and argumentation books
  • Example LSAT study schedules and drills 

LSAT Commercial Preparation Courses

Achieving a high score on the LSAT is possible with dedicated self-study. However, some students prefer commercial preparation courses.

The Pre-Law Program neither endorses nor receives sponsorship from any commercial LSAT-prep course provider. Some providers offer classes exclusively online, allowing students to work at their own pace, while others feature in-person classes. Several companies, including Kaplan and TestMasters, offer courses that meet on the UNF campus. These courses are not included in UNF tuition. 

Mock LSAT Exams

Mock exams, usually held two Saturdays before each scheduled LSAT exam, let students acclimate to real test conditions and gauge their readiness for the exam. Mock LSAT exams include the four, scored multiple-choice sections and the unscored writing section of an actual LSAT exam given in the past 5 years, plus an approximation of the experimental section given on exam day taken from an older LSAT exam. 

Check the announcements and calendar sections of UNF Pre-Law's Canvas for details about each Mock LSAT event.