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Applying to Law School

Register for LSAC

The Law School Admissions Council (LSAC) processes all LSAT test registrations and law school applications. All law schools accept the LSAC Common Application though some schools may also impose additional requirements. 

LSAC offers fee waivers for qualified students. Fee waivers for LSAC services, LSAT registration, and law school applications may require separate applications. Students should apply for fee waivers as soon as registration periods open. Law schools often send application fee waivers based on student GPA and LSAT performance.  

Study for the LSAT 

The Pre-Law Program has information on LSAT preparation, law schools, the law school admission process, and preparation for academic success in law school. The Pre-Law Program maintains a lending library of such materials. LSAT practice tests are also available.

Online resources include a Canvas page with active discussion forums, podcasts, videos, workshops, mock exams, articles, and more.